Thursday, May 19, 2022


                                May 19, 1925 - February 21, 1965

The man

The myth

The legend

6' 3", @180 lbs. of determination

Malik el-Shabazz  (Malcolm X)

Happy Solar Return!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Buffalo Shooter and the Great Replacement lie that kills!

ALERT! This post will be all over the place because my heart is in one place - with my people.

    The Buffalo shooter's victims

Well, here we go again!

Thoughts and prayers. 

Candlelight vigils. 

White reporters, microphones at the ready, hoping the stunned Black folks they are interviewing will utter how we "all need to love one another and hug it out and get along."

Been there. Done that. Tired of the futile gestures.

Black folks don't need to forgive squat. We have turned the cheek. We have followed the adage of not figuratively blinding others because that just leaves everyone blind.

Yeah, right.

What I see are lots of Black Americans with two bruised cheeks and one eye. While others have unblemished skin and both eyes.


Gotta say that in this day and age because ANYTHING Black folks post, say or repeat is seen as "BIE" talk. That's Black Identity Extremists as coined by the FBI. It's seen as dangerous.


Make up your mind FBI! I thought the infiltration of White Supremacy ideology throughout the country was the main problem for your agency. You know. Poisoned people peppered throughout the military. The law enforcement agencies like yours. The medical field. The judicial system. The school system. On and on. I believe that with each passing shooting. Y'all got the bigger and longer record of barbarism..

Dylan. Patrick. Brenton. Kyle. Payton. A short list but Losers All. I have zero sympathy for them. They cannot leave the earth fast enough as far as I am concerned.

They are men (yes, I said "men." not boys) steeped in a culture that blew their heads up to think their kind is the end all and be all when in reality it has dominance because it is the best at stealing, cheating, lying, plundering and pillaging. Oh, and did I say killing? Can't forget that.

This reality is that the great hub-hub is about the teaching of American history in public schools. The CRT scare. Critical Race Theory. A theory about telling it like it was, and is, about America. It is only taught in law school and has been around since the 70s. NO ONE is teaching it in elementary school. NO ONE! But the mouth-breathers aren't hearing that because the sound of their breathing is drowning it out.

But I digress.

This "replacement" fear has taken hold in the most fragile folks in American society. i. e. those khaki pants-wearing, tiki torch-carrying goons who live in 4chan chatrooms. And their families. Yeah, I said it. No cretins like these bigoted shooters grow up in a vacuum. Mom, Pop, Grandpop, Grandma and countless relatives hold the same belief. America has many sins to atone for. Oh well. If it's a possibility that y'all might be replaced, you might want to take a moment and stop coasting on those fumes of unearned, so-called greatness and actually contribute something of worth besides fear, mediocrity and bloodshed. 

But I don't think you can. That's all you know and that's what truly scares you.

P.S. I had a chance to read the latest loser's manifesto but did not dowload it. I regret that because I wanted to share it here. It has been scrubbed from the internet. How convenient. What I gleaned from it is that the dude is not crazy or sufffering from some mental illness. Not a one of them who do this are. When you plot out how you are going to pick a target, do reconnaisance days before you strike and load up on ammo and wear tactical gear...You ain't crazy. You are dangerous.

Friday, April 15, 2022

My love/hate relationship with STARZ "Outlander"

        Jamie and Claire

Yeah. I'm the dweeb who read all the Outlander books BEFORE it became a thing. Except for the last one. I need to catch up. I fell in love with Jamie and Claire from the 1st chapter onward. I adore the pairing of Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe. Diana Gabaldon has def written an uber saga.. She loves words and I'm here for ithem. She writes for readers. If you ain't one, don't even try. You might hurt your brain. Her depiction of Jamie and Claire is everything a romance should be. Except...That is where my 1st bone to pick with Gabaldon or STARZ or whoever is. Initially, from jumpstreet, this series of books was labelled ROMANCE. Not HISTORICAL FANTASY. It's like if a person calls Outlander, romance, it's a dirty word. The series drips in it but for some reason the folks associated with it have distanced themselves from the term. I mean. damn! Romance sells. Look at the success of NETFLIX's Bridgerton. Which for me has been a snoozer from episode one. I didn't finish it first time around and I doubt I'll tune in for this second part.

But I digress. Folks love it. It's just not my cup of tea. But at least it's billed as ROMANCE.

Next bone to pick? My gripe is with the Frasers' sojourn in the New World. While Jamie, Claire and their immediate kin are depicted as understanding and accepting of the non-Whites in their midst., I'd have to say all involved are pretty tonedeaf. 

Yo, dudes! The Scots, the Irish, etc. fled to the colonies because ENGLAND was putting an ass-whuppin' on them by moving them off their ancestral lands, ERADICATING their customs, forbidding the teaching of their mother tongues and by jailing or killing any of them who did the aforementioned. SO why get to the New World and do the same ish to the Indigenous people here? And don't even get me started with the  enslaved Africans. 

Talk about cognitive dissomce.

Jocasta, Ulysses and Phaedre at River Run Plantation

But STARZ is sticking to the books. More or less. Some books are melded together.

The third gripe I have is the passing glance givien to Natives and Black people. Yeah, I said it and I think I heard your collective groan. Look. I know the  books and the TV show center  around Claire, Jamie aand their brood while in Americaa BUT  honey chile, you cannot give a picture of Colonial America WITHOUT on-going stories of the folks who were already here, and the ones that were dragged here in chains.

Here is a line from a PBS/TIMELINE special entitled 1773, Slavery and the making of America:

"The slave population in the colonies is nearly 500,000. In Virginia, the ratio of free colonists to slaves is nearly 1:1. In South Carolina it is approximately 1:2."

So how you gonna have a series set in Colonial America and see partically ZERO SLAVES when in reality there was, at least, one for every White person?

How? Is STARZ' budget low? Do the writers not know how to incorporate realistic non-White characters? Maybe I'm expecting too much as the show is about conquering things - fear, traditions, time, expectations. 

            Ulyssess, Betty and Phaedre

Gabaldon and STARZ only has non-Whites in a storyline to highlight how virtuous Claire and Jamie are, or for titillation purposes ( See Phaedre's "affair" with Jocasta's husband.or Ulysses' "affair" with Jocasta.). Lord, that's a whole other post for me. That's some fantasy that needs to be broomed to the nearest curb. I am so weary of these rapes being penned as "love affairs"  Yes. We have the noble Ulysses, the Black manservant/ex-bed buck (a dude who'd been FREED years before but stayed behind to care for his former mistress) to Aunt Jocasta who saves her from being killed by killing the White man who was attacking her. Ulysses had to be sent away to England (ironic) with Lord John Gray for his safety. There was another plotline where a young slave, Rufus, disobeys his master. They fight. Rufus draws the man's blood. Rufus is punished by being impaled on a HOOK.  Somehow he gets to the Frasers and Claire tends to him.  A mob assembles outside River Run Plantation and threatens to burn it down (how neighborly), and slaughter the other slaves if the Frasers don't hand over the wounded slave for execution by midnight.  The effery of this episode is that Claire as a doctor can do no harm but she can aid Rufus in his choice - To surrender to the mob to be lynched or drink a poisoned tea and die before the mob kills him. Being noble, Rufus drinks the tea. Jamie holds the mob off until the guy dies and STILL has to hands off the body to the mob. The sickest moment is when the mob takes the body and HANGS THE DEAD MAN. Phew! There are female slaves who run Jocasta's estate who you see every once in awhile. Occasionally, a Black or Native body will meander across the screen but that's it. Yeah, the poor Whitess couldn't afford slaves but still...Somebody could if the ratio was 1:1. Slaves were planting the crops, bringing in the crops, washing the clothes, preparing the food, cooking the food,, and yes, being starved, beaten and sexually assaulted in between performing these tasks while held in bondage. Half of season 4 and all of seasons 5 and 6 are problematic. Hella problematic.

         Jamie carrying the dead Rufus 

But, again, I digress.

Lovers of the books and the series can argue that the story is about Claire and Jamie. Not background people.True. True. But if one is going to set a story in an era that is known for certain occurences, or has a specific atmosphere, do it right. Or don't do it at all. The showrunners had no problem showing whorehouses in Scotland or France or the lavishness of the French court during one season. Same with the years spent at Castle Leoch. No detail was left unexplored.. Thinking on this omission now answers the questiion of  WHY folks associated with the show/books started calling it HISTORICAL FANTASY in lieu of ROMANCE. With their "alterations" they should call it REDACTED AMERICAN HISTORICAL FANTASY.

Monday, March 28, 2022



No. I do not condone it. I do understand it.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at Sunday night's Oscar shindig over a joke Rock made about Will's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

These two have history. They have been beefin' for some years. All over Rock's remarks about Jada Pinkett-Smith. So, I figured if the two men were ever in a room and Rock were to say something...Hands were gonna get thrown. And it happened. Isn't the lament of a certain Black female harpy crowd on YouTube always about how Black men don't protect or defend their women? 


Now my breakdown.

Rock is a comedian. He says funny things for a living. Some of them hurtful to his subjects. But I always say when one chooses to be in the entertainment business, one is fair game, Will. Jada.

Mrs. Smith has alopecia. A condition afflicting millions of women. Definitely not something one would want but not slapworthy on network TV. But sometimes a dude has to defend his woman. I would have preferred Will take it the quiet, personal, off-the-record route but this is Hollywood where if an incident isn't photographed, did it happen? Plus, no publicity is bad publicity always to show ponies.

I see it as no big deal. Will will work again. He makes money for Hollywood. They ain't canceling that cash cow. Chris will work again. He makes moolah for Hollywood too. I just think it's sad that this nonsense overshadowed Will's win.

And for the "concerned" Academy members and actors in the audience..Miss me with that. Y'all was eatin' it up like the slave masters of old who'd watch 2 pieces of property go at it.

"Were you not entertained?" in my best Maximus voice.


That wasn't a PUNCH. That was a BITCH SLAP ( open-handed hit). It differs. There is also something called a PIMP SLAP (back-handed hit).

Now you know and I'm over it all. Next!

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Mabel Fairbanks, figure skater extraordinaire!

Before Debi Thomas, before Tai Babilonia, before Atoy Wilson, before Surya Bomaly,  before Starr Andrews, there was Mabel Fairbanks. Mabel paved the way for non-Caucasian and African-American figure skaters.

Mabel Fairbanks was an American figure skater and coach. As an African American and Native American woman she paved the way for other minorities to compete in the sport of figure skating such as Naomi Lang. Mabel Fairbanks was born on November 14, 1915 in Florida's Everglades. Her father was African American while her mother was a Native American of English descent. She was inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame, as the first person of African American and Native American descent, and the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.

Though loaded with talent, she never competed competitively due to the segregation laws in place. She instead performed as an act on the theatrical circuit.

Fairbanks coached singles and pairs, including Tiffany Chin, Billy Chapel, Scott HamiltonKristi Yamaguchi / Rudy GalindoTai Babilonia / Randy Gardner, Leslie Robinson, Michelle McCladdie, Richard Ewell, Debi ThomasAtoy Wilson, and Jean Yuna. She also taught skating to the children of many celebrities. In 1997, she became the first African American inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame. She was inducted into the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame in October 2001.

Fairbanks never married. She was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 1997 and with acute leukemia in mid-2001. She died on September 29, 2001 at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California She is interred in the ground at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, California. Her grave is right at the beginning of the bridge to the Clark Mausoleum.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Remembering the late, great L. A. Banks. mistress of romance, horror and paranormal romance

She is right up there with Clive Barker and Stephen King as far as I'm concerned. 

Her novel, MINION, Book One (2003) in her Vampire Huntress series hooked me from page one. Her heroine, Damali Richards, who is a spoken word artist gets tossed into the realm of vampire huntress with nary a Buffy-ism in sight (I do love that TV show though).I loved Banks'world of non-White characters where a Tamika could be a "'round the way girl' as well as a vampire. Banks was from my hometown too. She inspired me to write my science fiction series with my own Black female main character.

L.A. Banks. born Leslie Ann Petersen, known also as Leslie Esdaile Banks hailed from Philadelphia, PA. A prolific scribe, her series comprised 12 novels, the last one ironically named, THE THIRTEENTH (2009). 

In June 2011, BBanks was diagnosed with late stage adrenal cancer. Well liked in the romance writing community, notables such as P.N. Elrod, Heather Graham and Charlaine Harris donated to a fund set up for banks' medical care. Sadly, Banks died August 2, 2011 at the age of 51. She is survived by a daughter, Helena.

List of her works:

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Jayne Kennedy - A 1st in the field of sports reporting. Oh, and it's Black History Month

It is so ironic and sad that I'm posting on Jayne Kennedy, a pageant winner from years past when just two days ago, a lovely young lady who'd been Miss USA left this Earth by her own hand. But I'm here to post about Jayne Kennedy, not Cheslie Kryst. 

May she rest in power..

Jayne Kennedy (nee Harrison), a 5' ft. 10"  model/actress who was a terific sports newscaster. Of course, her CV follows all the requisite steps a future pageant participant walks. Cheer-leader. National Honor Society member. Three times the president of her high school class. She was a woman of "1sts." First Black woman picked as Miss Ohio 1970. One of ten semi-fiinalist in the Miss USA pageant later that same year. Practically fresh out of high school, she married actor and DJ, Leon Isaac Kennedy in 1971. Next, she went on to a successful, if not distinguished, acting career appearing in many TV roles and a few films with her husband. She segued into sports casting on "NFL Today" on CBS but got the boot in 1980 over claims of sexism brought by her. Not to be stopped, she continued on a path of her own. By 1982, her 11-year marriage to Kennedy had ended. Still active in the industry, she met and married actor Bill Overton in 1985 The couple became parents to 4 daughters.. Now 70 years old,  she and Overton are still togehter and Jayne is still as beautiful. 

Off Topic:

Talk about a brush with celebrity. Jayne married Bill Overton in Bermuda in 1985. I was on vacation in Bermuda that same week they were married.. Small world indeed.

P. S.