Sunday, April 21, 2019

It's eat Chocolate-and-Marshmallow-Animals-Until-You-Drop Day! Or for normal people, it's Easter

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I totally forgot that today is Easter Sunday and that Passover is intersecting with the Christian holiday.

To all those who celebrate either one, or both - Happy Easter! Happy Pesach!

To those who celebrate sprng and all things green and bunnies and eggs - Happy Spring Equinox! (yeah. I know it was March 20th.)

Whatever you do, I am certain it involves eating too much of something. So enjoy your comestibles of choice and do as this creature commands:

Monday, April 8, 2019

DISSENT gets a new cover and a new life!

Well, if you hadn't noticed in the sidebar, my recent historical romance got a facelift! Yeah, DISSENT received a new cover styled by a cover designer who goes by the tag Designovator_ . I discovered her on fiverr.

The image I plucked from the archives of photographer Taria A. Reed. That woman is the only photo source I know of who actually has in her stash a number of stills that fit the era in which DISSENT was set. Plus, more importantly, she had the pairing I needed for my cover re-do! You have no idea how hard it is to find images of historical IR couples. Oh, there are a few out there if you are searching for that DixieLand/Old Virginny, slave/master, Old South concept. Noooooo! I wasn't.

I needed French Renaissance and she had it. Thank you, Taria and Designovator_ for your talents.

I had another fiverr pro re-format the book's Vellum. If yoy ned your books formatted in Vekllum. hit up arrancat on fiverr. She is the truth! And right now she will give you 1) a Kindle version, 2) a version for print, 3) a ePub versions.


My book refreshening tallied @45 bucks plus tips. Can't beat that/ Now feast your eyes close up on the final product.

Otelia Cromwell, Smith College alumna and scholar

Otelia Cromwell. First Black grad of Smith College. Then she conquered Columbia U and finally earned her Ph.D in English from Yale.

Wow. And she didn't have filthy rich 'rents to bribe her way in. She used her brain. Can you imagine that? One of her nieces (Adelaide Cromwell Hill) became an instructor in sociology at Smith College years later.

Smith College honors her in November each year..

Read more about Otelia at the links above.

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her niece, sociologist Adelaide M. Cromwell Hill
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Enslaved Tour Guide Stephen Bishop Made Mammoth Cave the Must-See destination it is today

Master Spelunker by accident. Slave through no fault of his own.

Stephen Bishop was one of several enslaved Blacks who were guides for visitors to the Mammoth Cave system of Kentucky. He and they were honored this past February for their contributions to the art of spelunking.  Though slaves above ground, they were masters of the terrain underground.

Stephen Bishop
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that hair is err'thang.

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Orthopedic surgeon, J. Robert Gladden 1st Black board certified surgeon in his profession in 1949

Dr. J. Robert Gladden became board certified as an orthopedic surgeon on Jan. 22, 1949. A native son of Charlotte, N. C.., he received his M. D. from Meharry Medical School. Later at Howard University, he specilized in orthopedics and became the institution's 1st orthopedic resident. He went on to build his stellar reputation, both in the States and in Bermuda, finally settling in as Howard's Chief of Orthopedic Surgery.

Read more about Dr. Gladden at the link above and the one below:

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Romance Writers of America and its 2019 RITA awards - Wish I could say, "I'm surprised" but I can't

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The RITA Awards. The RITA Awsrds.

What are they? Who exactly is in charge of this operation?
The Romance Writers of America (RWA), the trade association for romance fiction authors runs this show. The body gifts 2 types of awards, one being something called, THE RITA AWARD to writers in the many and varied categories of romance fiction. The other being the Golden Heart.  From its website it reads that a RITA is "he highest award of distinction in romance fiction — recognizes excellence in published romance novels and novellas. The GOLDEN HEART recognizes excellence in unpublished romance manuscripts."

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What can I say about them. A lot and not much at the same time. But I do have some tea. And as lovelyti of YouTube fame says, "And it's piping hot!"

Look. Awards are wonderful little things to receive. People like giving them. People like getting them. But when the deck is stacked.. . . Let's just say that the "award" for "excellence" is looking a tad tarnished.

This current round of RITAs is suffering some second-degree, if not third-degree burns, from some scalding brew. Little old Miss Romancelandia is braving another round of messiness in its ranks. As I reported the RITA Awards/Golden Hearts  just announced their lists of finalists for the 2019 competition. Per usual, there are scant AOC (authors of color) in the scads of finalists. Oh, there were a few last year. Or was that the year before? Memory fails me. You'd think because such a phenom occurs with such rarity I'd recall.

Anyhoo, .this year there seems to have been a judging snafu. Oh me, oh my. How could anyone ever think that a popularity contest passing for a well-organized, well-thought out competition, without a smidgen of bias demonstrated by anyone involved, could ever tolerate such a thing? Hoping it's not true BUT

Honeeeeeeey. Seems it did/is.

Word on the romance back streets is that a certain "judge" deducted a point in judging a book because it depicted a BLACK scientist.

Say what?

You heard me.

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Now I'm interested as to WHY the "impartial judge" acted in such a manner. Did the "judge" think (1) that a Black scienttist DOESN'T exists?  (2) doesn't think a Black scientist is believable? (3) doesn't think READERS would think a Black scientist is believable?  Or, lastly is a acting as a "place holder" for a narrow-minded reading public whose tastes he/she knows? Cue the "Jeopardy" music. I'll wait.

OK. Time's up. I'd hazard a guess it's the combo platter of all 4. Plus, was the book's author non-White?

If true ( and I don't doubt it for a minute), it's sad. You may ask, "Does it matter?" Yes the hell it does if you are a person entering these compeitions or paying dues to these associations.. I've seen on Twitter that a number of AOC who belong to the RWA are quitting it. Others are staying because.I joined one time years ago. The expensive was too much. Which i see already as a way of "weeding out" what the RWA would see as undesirable.. As a fellow author posted on Facebook, the requirements and gudelines of being in the RWA would defintely leve out a "sistah who can write her butt off but who might live paycheck to paycheck, have children, and pressing responsibilities that would cause her to bypass joining the RWA and hence the RITAs."

Look. Again. A certain sector of the population runs the RWA. its bias against AOC is ironic as a BLACK woman (Vivian Stephens) was a co-founder of the association.

I wonder if she'd written a romance in 2019 with a Black scientist, and would have submitted under another name for consideration, would it get kicked out of the running by that judge?

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster 8 years later - Like Kyle said in "The Terminator, "If you want to live..." You better do the reserach on this disaster

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Today marks the 8th anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster. I am not a Nervous Nelly or a Chicken Little but look. I'm putting it out there. If you aren't flushing your thyroid with NASCENT IODINE. Eating mostly low on the food chain (fruits and veggies, organic of course). NOT eating ANY seafood. Taking BORON and CARBON 60 or LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C - You are gonna be effed. Big time.

The nuclear accident that occured after a tsunami caused by an earthquake has devastated the planet. Oh. you don't hear about it because the powers-that-be don't know how to remedy it. They keep quiet and hope no one will notice when folks start dropping like flys. Yes. I said flys. Why? Because RADIATION!

The tsunami that hit the Japanes coastline in that area of Japan damaged the 4 nuclear re-actors built near the shoreline. I wonder what brainac drew up those plans and what Nimrod thought it was a swell idea to build them on a coastline? But I digress.

Anyhoo, the damage done by the earthquake and water was so great, that all the buildings were damaged and 3 of the 4 re-actors' CORES were exposed and melted down through the concrete floring! The mess happened in 2011 and just in 2017 did officials find the cores!

Basically, if you want to survive this scourge upon nature, you should be taking remedies to replace radiation that is accumulating in your body. Do not be fooled. If you live in any region not near Japan, your ass ain't safe! Since almost the day the disaster happened, WATER that had been, and has been rolling over the cores to cool them (even though authorites weren''t sure where they were. duh!) has been DUMPED into the PACIFIC OCEAN! DUMB! You cannot dilute radiation, fools! I learned that in Physics 101. This water is killing the sea life. Look up on Google how whales and salmon and all other kinds of sea life are dyinf or dead already. And what is left is tumor-ridden. Hence, why I eat NO seafood at all! A fish can be trimmed to look perfect in a frozen food case or on your plate and full of radiation. No thanks. Fisheries all along the western U. S. coastline had closed or are on life support because the bounty is not there to haul in. IT IS DEAD!

Please research it. i am not making this stuff up. The cloud from the explosion traveled across the world and hit everywhere. VAPORIZED RADIATION SWEPT OVER EVERYTHING.

What is even more scary is that oceans provide the world with OXYGEN. The Pacific ocean provides 1/3 of the world's oxygen and it is dead. The radiation does not stay in one place; it is swirling toward the Atlantic now if not there already.

Whe people think of death or illnes by radiation they think the Hollywood movie kind of  death or illness. That quick demise by immediate expose: melting to a pile of goop or bleeding out or disintegrating on the spot or cancer in the long run. Yeah, that's Hollywood partially and real life too (ask the population of Hiroshima)

But death or illnees from LONG-TERM radiation exposure comes from being bombarded on a constant basis by it so that it disrupts every cell in one's body. This leads to strokes (even in seemingly healthy people), heart attacks, demise by diseases that compromise the lungs, blood disorders, etc. The constant wave of radiation will exaserbate any disease or disorder one might contract to the point that it will maim one greatly or kill one. Radiation also "wakes up" bad bateria. It acidifies all it touches. A perfect environment to "grow" cancer.

Hey. Don't take my word for it. Here are some experts on YouTube who have been banging the drum for years about this dangerous disaster.   Dana Durnford explains it all!    Kevin Blanch

And my personal favorite, Ajali Shabazz, who calls herself The Radical Sister, on YouTube. She is the only BLACK person trying to educate Blacks about this mess. She has a protocol for radiation remediation that I use. She has a playlist called "Fukushima A to Z" where she breaks it down and offers remedies to aid in the mitigation of radiation. Something no gov't or TEFCO (the company behind the diaster) official has talked about. She can be a bit scattered and wil but she brings the truth after doing 8 years of research on the subject  The Radical Sister


DMSO (DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE) (if diagnosed w/ leukemia, supplement w/ baking soda)



Basically, one eats "clean" as possible, start a garden with organic seeds. in organic soil. If meat is still on your menu, buy organic and still keep it to a minimum. Thing is the only way to do this 100 is to know the source of the things one is consuming if one can't grow it or raise it

I do not post this to scare anyone. You need to know what's up and what's coming down the pike. As I said. LOOK IT UP! I was oblivious once too. Next up for me is starting a garden. I pray for mankind. I really do but to get a handle on this will take monumental determination.
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