Monday, January 15, 2018

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - The holiday and its creeping Disney-fication

Today marks what would have been the 89th birthday of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. and @its 32st year being a federal holiday. Reagan signed it into law in 1983. The first observance was in 1986.

Here goes. What can I add to my annual post about Martin Luther King, Jr. that will be any different than previous posts?

Very little. My stance remains the same.

How this "holiday" is celebrated has rubbed me the wrong way for decades. From the mattress and furniture sales to the organized clean up of vacant lots. WTF? We, AADOS (African-American Descendants of Slaves), need to cut the BS and reframe the narrative before Dr. King's efforts  becomes a theme park ride somewhere. We need to put our eyes back on the "prize." We need to present a "cease and desist" order to the purveyors of the Disney-fication of his life and legacy.

I honor the poor, sacrificed soul that has been reduced to a safe, docile Bobblehead of a dreamer by non-Blacks who need feel-good moments in their lives, once a year,(i.e. "the "I Have a Dream" speech) to assure them that the USA isn't really as terrible her history can confirm.

I honor the poor, sacrificed soul that many in the younger, "woke" generation of AADOS have called a "sellout." My take on that sentiment? Go do your research, READ some books, ask for documentation and put down the blunt. The man was FAR from a sellout. He was a compromiser who, unfortunately, realized too late that he'd been played by his gov't and probably by someone close to him in his circle..

That's the way COINTELPRO works.

He was human and on the SAME PAGE as Malcolm X in philosophy at the end of his life. He wanted no more compromises. No more manipulation. No more lies. Talk about a power couple! I ponder the progress that could have been made if these two could have lived and worked together. I wonder what they would have to say about the divisive buffoonery that erupts every day on YouTube and Twitter amongst the "woke" Black people.

I say honor King NOT bycleaning up a vacant lot in the neighborhood. That's the city's job. I say ditch the "I Have a Dream" speech and take up his 1967 book "Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?" It's the words of a changed King. A RADICAL King. A King the gov't was afraid of.

How will you honor him today? Want suggestions? How about shutting out non-productive chatter? Those destructive channels on social media, like YouTube et al., that pass for intellect. How about shutting down ALL COLORS of people who do not have your best interests at heart as a AADOS?How about shutting out those who live for praise and "likes" and "thumbs up" and high view counts?
And last, but not least, how about shutting out, or down, the noise from myriad people telling you that FIFTY YEARS of Civil Rights is ENOUGH TIME time to correct the damage of THREE HUNDRED FIFTY YEARS previous years of America's boot heel on your neck. And that's a ride for which I do not need a ticket. I got a lifetime, front-row-seat pass to that m-effer.

There. I feel better.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I've been "bombcycloned' and didn't even get kissed

It's 6 friggin' degrees out this morning!

The weather here on the Eastern seaboard of the USA has been crazy. It's appropriate. This past week revealed that our President is. Oh, that bunch in the White House is gona get us all killed, or badly injured. So, pay your bills. Nothing like being current when the ax drops because what if by chance the annihilation gets called off?

It's 6 friggin' degrees this morning!

It's been colder than a witch's tit in a tin bra since since last Thursday. Why? Because this thing called a "Bombcyclone" rolled in, deposited a over a foot of snow in lots of places, and then left in its wake, unconscionable cold. The Polar Vortex. The "Bombcyclone." The first word sounds like a thing on a "Star Trek" episode. The second one sounds like a word cobbled together by a hipster while he/she drank his/her soy latte with a half-caf twist with hints of leather at the kitchen table he/she "bartered for" in their re-habbed, three-story, row home in the gentrified section of that previously poor, mostly non-White 'hood.

It's 6 friggin' degrees this morning!

Pardon my rancor. No, wait a minute. Don't. If I hurt your feelings...Good! Try being uncomfy. It's called life. No refunds. No reassurances. No sure things. It's a crapshoot. Life. There are no warnings to alert you that something might "trigger" you. No. Trigger? That's just what's gonna happen today. You cannot plan for it. You cannot brace yourself for it.

Yep. Life is a beautiful  bitch of a "bombcyclone" that sometimes feels like 6 friggin degrees. Just wish it had kissed me first.

Oops! But then I'd be breaking one of those "brace yourself" rules.


Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve 2017, the real meaning of the practice of WATCH NIGHT in the Black Church that the congregation doesn't even know

Image result for new year's eve 2017

Thank you, and glad tidings, to all who have visited this mishegas of a blog this year. I'll continue to post this coming year about my WIPs and new releases, snapshots on Black life in the USA and the continuing nonsense rampant in the romance industry that passes for "progress."

Now, onto the topic of this post - WATCH NIGHT.

WATCH NIGHT is a practice that many Black Christian churches hold at night of every December 31st. It is supposed to be the congregation waiting on the Lord to help them bless the new year but that is only HALF the meaning. The rest of the story (asder is staggeringly different than the simple service observed by the faithful. Plus, it is cultural and NOT religious by any stretch of the imagination. Read the true, whole explanation of WATCH NIGHT below.

So friends. Do have a wonderful evening. Be safe. Don't drive drunk or buzzed. Live to greet January 1st, 2018 in one, healthy piece.


Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Once and Possible King - Wilson Frost and his stolen right to be Chicago's major

After the sudden demise of Mayor Richard J. Daly of Chicago, in December 1976 from a heart attack, a Black alderman and President Pro Tempore of the City Council was according to rules the next mayor of the city. That man, Wilson Frost, understood the rules but the powers-that-be decided to re-write the rules to suit the situation. And the situation was what? C'mon. One guess.In 1976, Chicago was a VERY racially divided burg. Truth be told, it still is. Uncovered the one guess yet? I'll spill. The White population wasn't ready for a non-White person to assume the mantle of "Mayor" even though the rules would make him such.

Frost did try to fill the seat but was LOCKED OUT. Literally LOCKED OUT of the office. Frost, wise man that he was, stepped aside. The city GAVE the job to White alderman Michael Blandic.

Just another day at the office. Ho-hum.

Frost went on to remain in public service, continuing to be an alderman and in other positions until he retired in 1988.

The city finally elected its 1st Black mayor in 1983 - Harold L. Washington

courtesy of Black America Web

Wilson Frost

Harold L. Washington

Sunday, December 24, 2017


No. This will not be a puppy dogs' tails kind of post. Yeah. It's Christmas time but...Is it really? Yes. Yes. I loved Christmas as a child. I mean what child wouldn't? No matter the faith of the family the kid hails from, ain't no way a kid would dislike free gifts. I still get misty-eyed as a adult when midnight rolls around early Christmas Day. Christmas Eve was my holiday. I belonged to the church choir and midnight Mass with all those high-holy day smells and bells grabbed this wide-eyed kid. by the throat. No. I no longer go to Mass, or practice Catholicism but it did it's duty. It left a dent in me. The spectacle of Christmas, as practiced by the Catholic Church, can still mesmerize me. Hymns, carols, incense, flickering candles, the scent of balsam, etc.. They can turn it out. Not as full throttle as their Protestant counterparts but still, the Catholic Church in holiday mode...No prisoners taken.

Which leads me to the ruler who is responsible for the fashion in which a vast majority of Christians celebrate this holiday of "Christmas." Let me present Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire, showman. I'll leave it at that so as not to offend folk. But this man...Phew! The Donald could take notes from him.. Read the article below about what this man's plan blossomed into.

Also, read another article on the truth behind the Christmas myths that many have been sold, and that have been ruffling clerical collars for years.

What have I taken from all this? I've come to  see Xmas as a time for self-reflection. No more. No less. I sit and collect myself and see what I've accomplished in the current year, and what I'd like to accomplish in the coming year. I also appreciate, greatly, all Spirit has blessed me with in the current year, and I give thanks all for all I'm going to receive in the coming year. Don't get me wrong. I still love the sights and sounds of  manufactured Xmas. No one does over-the-top Xmas like the USA except possibly Germany. But for the rest of the Constantine-created madness?  I've come to see "Xmas" as a reason for retailers to have huge clearance sales to push out old merchandise you didn't need to to make room for new merchandise you still don't need but will buy because you think you do. Personally, unless you count in my life, you get a "Happy Holidays" and maybe a card. I stopped shopping for gifts 30 years ago.

So, after I have a yummy meal, have some hot chocolate and watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "All Mine to Give" and "I Know Where I'm Going" (to name a few of my favs), I'm going to thank the Divine for a good day and go to bed.

Do enjoy whatever you do. Just know WHY you do it.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Virginia teen is 1st Black female speed skater to make the Olympic team - Maame Biney

Maame Biney, the Ghanaian-born 17 year old from Virginia  has qualified for the United States Olympic speedskating team! She will compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

She came to the USA at age five and credits her father for her success in a sport that sees few pigmented people participate. She rules when it comes to the 500-meter short track.

Go, Maame and congrats!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Dr. George Franklin Grant - The golf tee's best friend!

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Play golf? Know anybody who does? Well, thank this man for making it easier to smack that ball around the course. Dr. George Franklin Grant didn't invent the golf tee but he sure as hell improved on that sucker. In the late 1870s, the dentist, and faculty member of the Harvard Medical School, liked playing golf but was no champ at the game. Still, he sought to ameliorate the sport, hence his improvement on the tee.

Yes. Yes. Let me rush in to diffuse any ruffled feathers or protestations. Yes. Butt-hurt historians have argued back and forth (people with nothing to do I say) about the Scots and English inventors who fashioned tees before Grant. They did that. That is true. Grant didn't invent golf, or the golf tee, but he sure as Hell modernized the tee. So much so that the golf world recognizes him for that task, and no one has come up with a better device since.

A doctor and golf. A combo even waaaay back then. I wonder if Dr. Grant took Wednesdays off?


info courtesy of Black America Web

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