Friday, August 8, 2014

My author page at Self Publishers' Showcase (no, I don't self-pub)

I have a brand, spankin' new page on Self Publishers' Showcase. No, I do not self-publish; I am with a small independent press. SPS promotes authors of small presses who need help. Anywho, here's the link to the page and it has my author logo (that I created!)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm in USA TODAY today!

Freakin' honored and awed to be picked again to participate in this column. Please read what worlds several authors of SF/F would like to live in and why. The series is in two parts, concluding next week. Read what fantasy world I chose to live in and why in part one, compiled by colleague and SF/F author, Veronica Scott.

Sci-fi & fantasy authors pick worlds to visit
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Predicting the "next big thing" in romance writing.

I recently read an article about the RWA Conference of a few weeks ago. Experts gathered to discuss all manner of things romance-wise. One being what was going to be "hot" and what was "dead" in romance. Please. If writers know anything, we know that the experts know jack about setting trends. Experts are usually waaaaay behind them. Remember FSOG, anyone? After soccer moms the world over discovered that book, regular publishers and self-publishers, and every hack who could put words on paper (screen?) couldn't churn out inferior, mediocre or superior clones and press "print" fast enough to slack the ladies' thirst. And the clones keep coming. So as long as there is someone somewhere willing to read about Anna and Christian clones, there will be an audience.

So, what's "dead"? According to the experts it seems to be paranormals. Specifically, all things with vampires. Really? Vamps may not be burning up the book charts like before but they ain't goin' anywhere. I mean Ward, Kenyon and Cole may have ridden those gravy trains into the ground but you can't write off another author out there with a new take on the Undead. So, no. I don't agree with the experts.

What's trending? Contemporaries are hot. Meh. Any kind seem to be hot. I really don't care for contemporaries of any kind. The cloying, homogeneity of small-town, contemp romances.puts me off. The wounded, tattered youth of New Adult sets my teeth on edge. Cowboy romances are not for me. Neither are MC romances. Couldn't write one of those to save my life. Male/Male romance, not to be confused with gay fiction is still going strong and probably will continue to be strong until the mostly straight women who read it, get their fill. But that won't die out either.

My prediction for the "next big thing"? It will be the ripe, untilled battlefield of multicultural. There is so much there still untried. Or more correctly, there is so much there undiscovered, discounted and ignored. When this breaks out, and it will, it won't be pretty. Authors who have been writing it for more than a hot minute won't be thrilled as new kids come into the spotlight and start claiming that they "invented" it. Me? I'll be ducking, covering, writing and hiding the pointed sticks.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Under Armour and Misty Copeland join forces. And she IS a force with which to be reckoned!

Misty Copeland. Woman of Color. Ballerina. American Ballet Theatre Soloist. Survivor. Inspiration..What more need I say?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I know. I know. SCANDAL is the hot show on ABC. But I have to confess that the antics of Olivia, Fitz and crew are a bit much. The show to watch for a love affair with bite, maturity and realness? SHOWTIME'S RAY DONOVAN. Jon Voight and Sheryl Lee Ralph set the screen on quiet fire. Voight as Mickey Donovan, plays the father of Hollywood fixer, Ray Donovan. Gangster Mickey Donovan's one true love and ride-or-die woman is Claudette, played by Ralph. They act out a couple with a long, winding history. The man is in love. Or something like it. He went to prison for her. And she must have something that "makes you spend money." To coin a line from a Mary Jane Girls song. LOL. Love it. It's delicious. Check it out on Sunday nights at 9PM ET/PT.

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Friday, July 25, 2014


Another case of erase-the-ethnic? The paranormal/military/werewolf action romance series by author Lia Silver has a Filipino male as the marine/werewolf/hero. Now just last week I saw the book "Prisoner: Echo's Wolf 1" with an Asian, bare-chested, male model on the cover against a bluish, full moon all by himself. This week, it's called "Prisoner (Werewolf Marines) Echo's Wolf Book 1 with a completely different cover. This week it has a gold-lit background with a silhouetted male and female couple, holding guns, standing on a road, lit in such a way that you aren't supposed to be able to tell ANY ethnicity. Geez! Were publishers afraid there'd be low sales if they kept the Asian guy on the cover?
Prisoner Lia Silver


Just sayin'

Monday, July 21, 2014

James Garner: Korean War Vet, Actor and Civil Rights Activist

Here's a little known, and little reported, fact about the late actor, James Garner. RIP, Mister Garner.

ps. Victor, Victoria and his Maverick series were my favorites of his work!