Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello Readers! I'm back! I presently do not have a website so I will be posting to this too long dormant blog all my new goings-on. I 'll be posting here after a pretty productive spring and summer. I've written installment three in THE FELIG CHRONICLES series which should be ready for your e-readers and tablets by this winter. It's called UNION. The story follows our favorite down-with-the-swirl couple, Nate Lowe and Tina Cain, through a battle of some personal demons in addition to dealing with the actual demons--the Felig.

Here are the book covers that introduce the first two books.

Can Nate and Tina, who fell into their relationship by accident and through tragedy, maintain it and build it into something greater? Nate wants to commit to Tina and vice versa. Discover what's pushing him to say "yes" and what's pushing Tina to say "no." Plus there are a slew of new quirky characters in this book.

While waiting for UNION to be released,  go check out how the story started in Book One, THE FELIG CHRONICLES and in Book Two, SOMETHING ELSE WICKED If you have them already, re-read them and be prepared to jump right into Book Three, UNION. All three books are published by Extasy Books and available from the Extasy, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and any other outlet that sells e-books in all formats.

If you have read the series so far and want to read something from my earlier works, Try my historicals , FAITHFUL and KINDRED available from the same outlets.

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