Monday, December 3, 2012

What does 12-21-12 or "the end" mean to you?

Much has been spoken of the end of the world happening on 12-21-12. First of all, let me add my two cents. It ain’t happening. Sorry to disappoint the preppers but the 22nd will dawn, intact. People will poke their heads out of their bunkers and proceed to shop like mad for Christmas with money they don’t have, for crap they don’t need, for people who won’t appreciate it. That I do believe. Save the crates of tuna fish for another time or better yet donate them to a local food pantry. National hunger is the real disaster. Retailers are not going to let the reported demise of the planet mess with their bottom line during the biggest selling time of the year. So get a grip.

I do believe that the way in which we have been experiencing the world is changing or is in the beginning of a change. For as long as I could remember, the kind of world in which I’ve been living has penalized a person in some way for being different. If a person doesn’t fit a prescribed mold, that person is usually ridiculed and/or ostracized. The rule has been: Be like everybody else, even if it harms you and everything will be fine, just shut up and drink the kool-aid.

So my take on the “the end” is that people are rebelling. They are waking up and being themselves. No more conformity to please others. Freedom is a wonderful thing. Truth is a wonderful thing. Both are powerful and transformational. Those same absolutes make the characters in romance books appealing too. The people in these stories do consider others but do not live by others’ leave. They live their life on their terms.

That’s my goal and New Year’s resolution. I can hear the words of my mom, grandmom and grandpop as I write this:

“Never strive to fit in. Never settle for less. Strive to make your mark. Fashion your own fit.”

Happy New World to you!  

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