Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Universe vs. George Zimmerman

This will be the last post on the Zimmerman case until something else occurs. I must get back to writing about my romance work and releases. I am about love, peace and justice. Not hatred.

Well, Florida, that land of sunshine, palm trees and Walt Disney World has spoken. And truly has given a Mickey Mouse verdict. Am I surprised? Nope. Am I disappointed? Yep. But I ruminated on this and came to these conclusions: in the Divine scheme of things (yes, capital d), Zimmerman will not escape Universal Law. No matter if you believe in God or not, the Universe abhors a void. His taking of Trayvon's life created a void. So, to balance things out, the Universe will seek to fill it. Mr. Zimmerman should put on his seat belt because when the Universe has to step in and fill a void, its solution NEVER looks like what you think it should or what you want. So, yes, Mr. Zimmerman may be free but he ain't off the hook. Why do I say that?

He still has several cases to face, Number One, I am sure that Trayvon's family's lawyer is preparing a civil lawsuit (wrongful death) against him. Number Two, it seems that a pair of brothers associated with the complex either where the murder happened or where Zimmerman lives are bringing a civil lawsuit against him also. In a civil proceeding, you must give a deposition. There is no way Zimmerman cannot make one. There is no escaping it. He has to talk. That should be interesting since he did not take the stand and speak in the criminal trial. Number Three (and I hope this comes about), The Department of Justice may bring Civil Rights charges against him for violating Trayvon's civil rights. That will be difficult to do. Still, it's possible. Most tellingly, Zimmerman is not the type to go quietly into the night and go away. He'll keep popping up like a bad penny and show what he's really made of. Yes indeed, the Divine works in mysterious ways. So it is convenient that Mr. Zimmerman is free because he is going to be very busy as the Universe works to fill that void.

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