Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Attention span and the ever shortening page span of the ebook. Be it romance or otherwise.

Okay. Don't get your panties in a twisted up bunch if you like the "quickie." But... Since when is 10 pages, a book? Sorry but that's about one chapter in one of mine. Is it because reading on an ebook reader is too draining on the eyes to read longer books? Or is it because the reader only wants "quickies" to read because their attention span is rather short?

I have perused the reviews of some books on Amazon and am shocked to find that in comments on those books, readers faulted a work because it's too LONG. Uh? This lowers a book in some people's eyes? Because a writer went the extra mile and wrote a complete story and not a scene, this made a reader give it less stars? Oh my. Because a writer poured their heart into a work and took the time to build a world or background, and then because the reader can't inhale it in 20 minutes like fast food, it loses luster? Oh my again.

I don't write "10 page" books. If one does not have time to read my work, maybe one shouldn't. If you do read it, break it into parts and savor it. Please. Don't let this fast-paced, hurry-up world push you along. Not just into reading "scenes" disguised as books, but in life in general. Put your hand up and say "no!' Do it at your pace not someone else's.

Treat yourself. Tell you attention span to chill. Read a book longer than a chapter and immerse yourself. Turn off the rampant chatter in your brain. Slow down.

Besides, is your personal sex life like a 10 page scene? Oh man. my condolences.

By the way:

Universe, one; George Zimmerman, zero.

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