Saturday, May 10, 2014

Death to piracy. Now!

The page below from fellow author, Shiloh Walker's website says it all about book piracy. It sucks when one's hard work is taken for free and for granted. It's not flattering to an author when he/she discovers their book on a "sharing site" or a torrent site. IT"S STEALING. From the publisher. from the author and eventually YOU. You see when you download stuff that's not free, you lower the sales of that book. The publisher will probably alert the author that they are going to kill the series in question, if that's the case, or NOT taking on the next book period, because of low sales. So no more books for you to STEAL in a series or a standalone because that writer will not be offered a contract. They will have been CANCELLED. GET IT? GO READ FANFIC FOR FREE. STOP BEING CHEAP. If you cannot afford to buy books, there are tons of FREE reads available on the net. STOP STEALING. Whatever you call it or how ever you do it..

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