Friday, July 25, 2014


Another case of erase-the-ethnic? The paranormal/military/werewolf action romance series by author Lia Silver has a Filipino male as the marine/werewolf/hero. Now just last week I saw the book "Prisoner: Echo's Wolf 1" with an Asian, bare-chested, male model on the cover against a bluish, full moon all by himself. This week, it's called "Prisoner (Werewolf Marines) Echo's Wolf Book 1 with a completely different cover. This week it has a gold-lit background with a silhouetted male and female couple, holding guns, standing on a road, lit in such a way that you aren't supposed to be able to tell ANY ethnicity. Geez! Were publishers afraid there'd be low sales if they kept the Asian guy on the cover?
Prisoner Lia Silver


Just sayin'

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