Friday, September 19, 2014

Oy Vey Ist Mir!

Very short post. What did consumers do before Consumer Reports? What did readers do before Goodreads? Or Booklikes? Well, I, for one, used to go a store, book or otherwise, and look over the item in question. I looked it over. Not a gazillion faceless folks on some website. I trust my judgment not the personal experiences of others with a product. Every take is different. Tailored to that person. In today's world, the purchase of any item, or the participation in any past time, has to be measured, quantified and evaluated by others before people will partake anymore. Do people not know their own minds? Their own likes and needs? I just don't want to lean on the opinion of a platoon for that book I am interested in purchasing, or that pair of shoes I'm interested in purchasing or that coffee I want to try. I rarely go with the crowd. Rarely like what the crowd is insane over. 'Cuz I'm like that. Thank God.

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