Monday, November 10, 2014

The Almanett Hotel, the hard-won jewel of Gulfport, Mississippi

Thinking of a vacation? Think of Gulfport, Mississippi. Yeah, I said Mississippi. But do it at this adorable, chic B&B/hotel. Soak up relaxation and a bit of history. This B&B overlooks beaches that were part of a federally-owned 26-mile long stretch of sand which once was Whites-Only as late as 1968. A group known as the "Biloxi Wade-Ins" held peaceful protests, headed by NAACP Gulf Coast president, Dr. Felix C. Dunn. The group filed one of the first ever anti-discrimination lawsuits in U.S. annals. The ban was defeated in 1968. Today this little resort is the only Black-owned and operated hotel in the southern part of the state. I say have a margarita and all in the water!

image from www.blackamericaweb. com

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