Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SFR SHINDIG at THE GALAXY EXPRESS, Apr.22-May 1! Posts! Prizes!

We have another party and prize giveaway. Come join the week long SFR SHINDIG at blog captain and fellow author, HEATHER MASSEY's site, THE GALAXY EXPRESS! For 8 days she will be highlighting posts by guest bloggers (Guess who is one? Go on and try. Big Hint. My post appears on MAY 1st) PLUS! PLUS! There is a wonderful giveaway package. Comment any time during the lenght of the contest period and be automatically entered to win a 15$ KINDLE card and 7 ebooks! count 'em s-e- v-e-n! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation and good luck.

P. S. AND do not forget the APRIL FOOLS IN LOVE event, sponsored by SFR STATION is winding down. Visit the post (several entries down to enter the raffflecopter giveaway! Seven days left! 

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