Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I know. I know. It's hard. Believe me. I know. Been there, done that, got conned into buying the T-shirt. BUT, BUT...Anything worth doing is worth doing it WELL! Which brings me back to the current (intentionally or unintentionally) laughable state of historical romance writing. Authors, it takes a tad more effort than pasting funny, old clothes on characters who still talk like motorcycle club members and who indulge in friends-with-benefits behavior while horseback riding across an 18th century Scottish landscape. "Dutch" and Schulyer quaffing brew in ye olde inn? Really? Really? Gimme an effin' break! Do what REAL writers do. Do the friggin' research. Do the HARD STUFF or don't write the damned book! Half-steppin' (as my grandfather used to say) is lazy at best; insulting at worst. I've taken a vacation from reading these, these...rewrites (or re-wrongs) of history because I refuse to plough through another wet dream of how a writer has "decided it's gonna be" because they were too freakin' lazy to do the research instead of "how it really was." I'm just tired of it. These thinly-veiled excuses at rewriting ugly history. UGH! You wanna write a "love story" where U. S. slavery is the "titillating" backdrop for your slave/master rape fetish? Have at it. But call it what it is - YOUR FANTASY! And expect to be taken to task for it. You wanna write a "love story" where any kind of sworn enemies/participants in ages-old conflict fall for one another? Go on write it. But call it what it is - MOTHER-EFFIN' FANTASY! Stop calling this ish, "an intersection of poetic license and HISTORICAL ROMANCE." 'Cuz it ain't. It's sloppy work and wishful thinking. And makes me give you the side-eye.

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