Friday, March 4, 2016

Throwback Bands of the week! The SOS BAND and ATLANTIC STARR, cameo by Will Downing

These blasts from the past produced some damned good dance tunes and ballads. The S. O. S. Band was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an electro-funk, R-n-B group that performs under several incarnations today.One incarnation is coming to an expo near me on March 12th. Talk about a treat! Anyway, I always felt what set them apart was their use of the electric keyboard. I like all their stuff BUT one of their hits, (produced by the then new-to-the-game, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) Just Be Good To Me, has the baddest intro I have heard in years. NOTHING tops that intro. NOTHING! I could listen to it forever. The song's lyrics rub me the wrong way but between the keyboard wizardry and the vocals, I am sold. Other cuts include Weekend Girl, Take Your Time, Tell Me If You Still Care.

ATLANTIC STARR, a group from White Plains, NY. Yet another band that tours in different incarnations, they are known for the R-n-B, funk hits, Secret Lovers and Always to name a few. My favorite of their's? Send for Me. A beautiful ballad also covered by singer Will Downing. Both versions are heaven sent! Compare. - Atlantic Starr version - Will Downing version

Some timeless music despite the Jheri Curls. Hey, I can overlook it. And no, I NEVER had one!

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