Tuesday, June 7, 2016

INCOMING! - Bombs, shoes and other assorted projectiles have been launched

Look, I create because that is my calling. No, your money does not pay my bills but that is not the point! NOTHING in life is FREE! My purpose on Earth is to entertain but not for free. It takes time, effort and brain power to write a book. I do not excrete them like other folk do. I take my time. Therefore I want to be paid for it. QUID PRO QUO. I bet you'd never ask Bey to give a few free concerts or give out clothing from her line for free because you are broke. Nope. You know where the Queen, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy would point you. To the door until you brought the ducats. My personal belief system is about give and take and the flow of life. If one is CONSTANTLY looking for a free thing or to be hooked up to a free thing (pirate sites), that person disrupts the flow. Meaning? It's called being a moocher. A gimme guy. An opportunist. Get the drift? It means you TAKE and TAKE and TAKE. Not good.. You are not GIVING which is the other part of the equation. You are creating an imbalance. The Universe is not happy with you. And will find a way to let you know. Just do me a favor. Do not pirate my ish! OK? It truly is not appreciated. Now I have to meditate. My cool has been blown.

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