Saturday, December 10, 2016

DISSENT - Update! - It is now available in Kindle and as a Createspace paperback

Dissent (Love Vanquishes All, bk. 2) is now available in Kindle and as a Createspace paperback! This second book in my stand-alone historical series is just as wonderful as bk 1 (KINDRED) was. As I said, they are not connected. Their only link being that they both are historicals and they both have a BLACK heroine. They do have different covers. Something I found out a lot of self-pubbed works have when they are available in ebook and print.

The Createspace paperback is oversized (7 x 10) and is priced at $15. I know. Not cheap but think of the lovely artwork in that size and plus, it's ideal for holiday giving.

The ebook is $4.

Anyhoo, choose the version you want. Or both if you got the coins. Just don't pirate it. Please. Below are the covers for both versions and the links.

This was my first hands-on self-pubbing experience and it's been...interesting.

Okay. The shameless over.

But do check out Awa's and Blaise's love story. It's not like anything out there. I swear.




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