Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Once and Possible King - Wilson Frost and his stolen right to be Chicago's major

After the sudden demise of Mayor Richard J. Daly of Chicago, in December 1976 from a heart attack, a Black alderman and President Pro Tempore of the City Council was according to rules the next mayor of the city. That man, Wilson Frost, understood the rules but the powers-that-be decided to re-write the rules to suit the situation. And the situation was what? C'mon. One guess.In 1976, Chicago was a VERY racially divided burg. Truth be told, it still is. Uncovered the one guess yet? I'll spill. The White population wasn't ready for a non-White person to assume the mantle of "Mayor" even though the rules would make him such.

Frost did try to fill the seat but was LOCKED OUT. Literally LOCKED OUT of the office. Frost, wise man that he was, stepped aside. The city GAVE the job to White alderman Michael Blandic.

Just another day at the office. Ho-hum.

Frost went on to remain in public service, continuing to be an alderman and in other positions until he retired in 1988.

The city finally elected its 1st Black mayor in 1983 - Harold L. Washington

courtesy of Black America Web

Wilson Frost

Harold L. Washington

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