Friday, November 2, 2018


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Pardon my absence. I've been toiling over 4 WIPs and not getting anywhere in them. Though, I must say my 1st effort in horror is moving along.nicely. So here I am to take a break and soak up inspiration. Actually, to inhale gummy bears and blackberry tea. Well enough about my travails.

Noooooooooo! Say it ain't so. One of my hometown R-n-B groups is retiring! I've been listening to their smooth tunes for over 4 decades and now they are gonna rest their pipes.☹ Yes, THE O'JAY's are calling it career and leaving the stage.All the members are in their 70s and have been at it for SIXTY YEARS but they STILL can blow!

They will be going on a farewell tour come May 2019 and will be releasing their final album, THE LAST ALBUM. But to wet out whistles until it drops, they released a single from the album called ABOVE THE LAW. Listen at the link below.

It has the WHAT'S GOING ON vibes of Marvin Gaye and the same type of message. Oh, man. I'm gonna miss these icons.

I say Happy Retirement! to Walter Williams, Eddie Levert, and Bobby Massey and past member Bill Isles. Fourth member William Powell died in 1977.

I can't say I have a fav song by them. They are ALL so damned good. Damn. They were part of the many-layered soundtrack of my reteen and teen years.

THE O'JAY'S retiring? Damn..I'm getting old.

Okay. okay. Okay. I lied. Here's an oldie but a goodie. The intro, the outfits, the foot work. They are everything.         


Image result for ojays

Image result for ojays

Image result for ojays

PS The group had their lawyers send the then Presidential candidate Donald Trump a cease-and-desist letter to stop using their song FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY during his campaign.

Way to go, men!

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