Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, The Presidential Election and Que sera, sera

Back again and punch drunk from the one-two of Hurricane Sandy and the re-election of President Obama. Well, what can I say? Sandy tried to wreck the presidential election. With all her horrific beauty and fury, she did succeed in knocking out power, toppling trees and houses and flooding neighborhoods. She took out my power for a week. The quiet was eerily calm. I suggest a self-imposed disconnect from all the distracting, electrical devices every once in a while. It’s so freeing. But just not in this jarring way. The re-election of President Obama surprised many in the country-- about 49 percent. I won’t gloat but I will say that the 49 percent must feel the way I felt back in 2000 when the Supreme Court selected Mister Bush. Nature and the Divine have mysterious ways of working. It’s not my business to know how. Anyway, both events were forces majeure. These two events show how the nation’s politicians and the East Coast’s citizens must co-operate with others from all political parties to rebuild.  It won’t be easy, peasy but it can be accomplished.

In the meantime, if your power is out but you have batteries or can use an e-reader, snuggle up with an IR romance and see how peoples of all races, lifestyles and beliefs get along through love.

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