Monday, November 26, 2012

The beauty of a Beta

The Alpha male hero has been, still is and will always be in the forefront of romance writing. Yes, he is the type of guy who sets hearts racing. He is no nonsense, full speed ahead in his actions and deeds. He follows his mind in the making of decisions. He’s always handsome, self-assured and knows how to tame the heroine with rough love. He’s the fantasy that never quits. That image works for me. Sometimes.

Actually, I, most of the time, prefer the Beta male hero. You know the guy who is still handsome, who is still no nonsense but thinks over and not merely re-acts to things. This hero is not full speed ahead. He considers all options and others’ sentiments when a decision is needed. He is a sensitive, caring lover not a jackhammer set of indefatigable genitals. And his job is not to tame the heroine but to take her as she is. Yeah, give me a Beta male hero and I get weak in the knees.
Listen up! being a Beta male hero is not equal to being a wuss. Wuss. I dislike that word. It combines disrespect for both genders. What an ugly economy of words! but unfortunately, it sums up how some readers view a Beta male hero. The Beta male hero is a little more grounded for my tastes. But that's my take. What's yours? comment below please.

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