Saturday, May 11, 2013

Apocalypse How?

Hi again. I had to take a break because I was doing way too much. I am on the fifth installment of my paranormal/sci-fi/interracial series starring my favorite, committed couple, Tina and Nate. Disdain at first sight turned to lust which turned to genuine love for them. Ah, Love. Ain't it grand? Anyway, while I wait for the editor assigned to edit installment THREE, I whipped out one and a half other installments! I know the editor is swamped but I've been waiting since October of last year for a galley. It kinda dilutes the reader's interest. One's audience can only re-read books 1 and 2 but so many times. But I digress.

Anyhoo, that brings me to my fav topic: Being different.

The bad-guy fighting couple of my series navigates in a post-apocalyptic America. Now me being me, sees post-apocalyptic as many things not just some bombed-out, eroded living space. An apocalypse can cover devastating a population's mind. Twisting a people's perspective of reality. When I dreamed up my series, I refused to write of an existence where people were grimey from lack of water or in the dark for lack of electricity. Not for me. So old hat. In my world my characters have the basics, what they DO NOT have is peace of mind. That is very crucial because since the invasion by the Felig NO ONE has that taken-for-granted luxury. Paranoia rules. (Read my early books to get the drift.) Having the THINGS you like means nothing if you are scared out of your wits everywhere you turn and any second of that needs-met day could be your last. I mean who cares if the store has your flavor of ice cream if going to get it could be the last time anyone sees you? So, yeah, my idea of the apocalypse does not involve scavaging for food or being a prepper or running from zombies. Which brings me to something a reviewer said about book one. She liked the book. I was very flattered. Except she doubted that 911 would be available after an apocalypse. True. That would be true if it were the kind of apocalypse that most writers describe in their books. In my version, you can have cell service, filet mignon and vacations, etc. You just can't depend on being around to partake of any of it.

Watch for UNION: THE FELIG CHRONICLES, BOOK THREE to be released by Extasy Books. SOON! Peruse the trailer.

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