Friday, May 31, 2013

I digress but what else is new? Politics, politics and Felig. Oh my!

From time to time I just have to voice my opinion on stuff that is not about things of a romantic nature. I must speak on the political antics going on in my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And the state period. Let’s take this from the very top. Now, I know some progressives are very upset with President Obama and his “broken promises.” I wonder how they would be feeling about the “no promises” that Romney had in store for 'em if he had gotten in. Anyhoo, Obama faces an obstructionist, Republican-majority Congress who if he says the sky is blue they will say it’s purple simply because they refuse to agree with this man on anything. They cut their noses off to spite their faces and those of their constituents. The majority of Congress is Republican (and with the help of Bluedog Dems) will not find common ground on policies that would help the country in general if it were to help black, brown and poor people in particular. Sadly, a lot of the constituency tied to the Republicans is POOR,  very bigoted and very dense. They of the poorest health and least job prospects vote against their best interests by putting people in office that "will show that uppity N-word his place!" No, people. The South  (or the mid-West) will not rise again with that thinking. So, this brings me to the state level of politics. Issues that do not get voted on at the legislative level now are kicked to the states. Governors and mayors are now deciding the fates of millions. Why you ask? Because during the mid-term elections in 2010 in the USA, a number of Tea Party and rigid Republicans got in office. Not enough Dems or Independents voted to cancel out Republican voters. The country relaxed after Mr. Obama won in 2008. His base looked to him, all by his lonesome, to save the nation. NOT!

So on the surface the log jam in Congress really isn’t. Republicans in Congress are still having their way without playing nice because 23 states during mid-term elections voted in a mix of Republican governors and state houses. They are carrying out the austerity measures that Republicans and like-minded individuals love. Pennsylvania is one of those states. It has a Republican governor and a majority of Republican representatives in its house. Even though The Affordable Care Act is the law, Governor Corbett has decided not to participate. That is the loophole that 23 states have decided to use. It may be law but they can opt out. How freakin’ ratchet is that? Millions of people in Pa. will not be added to the federal health care program and millions who already have Medicaid will be dropped. These numbers include children. Corbett also is cutting food stamp rolls. So much for love thy neighbor. The same governor has slashed millions in aid for the school system in Philadelphia. About twenty-nine schools will be closed. The city’s mayor borrowed over 300 million (which led to notices going out to homeowners that property taxes were going up) to finance school’s re-opening in September. And then there will be only money for principals and some teachers. No textbooks, no music, no art, no sports, no field trips, no extended days. Nothing. So much for brotherly love.
These scenarios are being played out across the country. But Americans that can still eat and pay bills blithely play video games and fret about who will be judges on American Idol next year. Yeah, I think the Felig are here already except I don’t think Nate and Tina could get mankind out of this shit.

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