Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween costume ideas or "What about my outfit?"

Wow! The week is young and the young 'uns have showed up, showed out and showed their asses. Where do I begin? How do I begin? Let's start with the costumes that were picked by some for Halloween. Hear and believe me, selecting a pejorative persona of any race, ethnicity or whatever is NOT cool in which to adorn yourself. Let me repeat. NOT EVER! NEVER! No Blackface, no Whiteface (zombies, ghosts, spectres allowed), no Redface (demons excluded unless they come forward and protest), no Brownface, no Yellowface. It's a no-no. It's not funny, entertaining or witty. What it is, is ignorant and demonstrates a person severely lacking in empathy/compassion for others.

I don't want to hear, "It's a joke. Get over it. I didn't mean it."


It's asinine. Is one that stupid and insensitive? So you think it's dope to dress up as a dead Trayvon Martin (full Blackface) and pose with someone dressed as his killer, Zimmerman?

This goes for that "DWTS" honey who went in Blackface to a Halloween party. Yeah, I know her face wasn't that dark and the TV character she picked is Black but to simply dress in an orange jumpsuit and sport knots in her hair would have been enough. The extra mile wasn't needed.

This criticism (not hatin', there is a difference) extends to the young Black female who thought it was A-OK to "blacken" her face, wear gingham and carry a pail of cotton balls for Halloween.

Yep, nothing says Halloween fun like toting cotton.

Young lady, apparently, your kin has never impressed upon you the history of Black people in the States. Or they have and you have failed to grasp it. Let me inform you: the history of African-Americans in the USA has never been a dress-up game.

My opinion on all this? It's free will. They will behave as they want. But they must remember: all actions have consequences. These people are of the I-don't-know-and-the-I-don't-care-to-know-mindset. The notion of empathy does not reach certain centers of their brains. They see their actions as a laugh and a lark. And to make matters even wackier, when caught with doo-doo on their shoes, if they apologize, the apologies are as bereft of understanding as the acts that preceded them.
Alright, I have aired my views and you may not agree or care. Oops! There's that pesky word. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. It my blog. It is no skin off my backside because this behavior will continue to occur in all types of scenarios about all types of things. This sort of mindset spreads over all topics in varying degrees. It won’t change until the people thinking it, change. I do believe its prevalence needs to be pointed out though because being ignorant is never blissful or unintentional.

Do have a happy, safe and thoughtful Halloween!

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