Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Ratchet have Risen! or the Banality of Evil

Here we go again! Please ratchet people, go away. Now. You make me really tired.

Whoa! My head is spinning like Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist. A new release on the horizon along with possible government default. How dare the spineless-taken-over-by-the-Tea-Party GOP plan this shutdown/default drama at the same time as my long awaited book release! Please!

Attention Whores!

But it’s so funny because the paranormal element in my series acts like the GOP/Tea Party.

Yes, I said it. The GOP, that needy slut, so freakin’ desperate to be relevant to someone other than some in suburbia, in rural areas and the one percent, shimmied into that tight-assed dress, went panty-less, strapped on the clear heels and sold it to the biggest freaks in the land, The Tea Party. Boy, the GOP must like it rough because the Teabaggers go hard. I have not seen such pandering since the 80s and 90s when the Moral Majority held sway with them.

Now, the pact the GOP has made with the Devil has come due. And the Teabaggers don’t play. They go all in. You are either with them or against them. And if you are against them, be you Democrat, White, Black, Brown, any hue, a fellow GOP they think is soft, they will go for the gonads.

Personally, as per my belief system, the Universe takes care of all things. Like I said when it detects a void or imbalance, it fixes it. And a lot of times the fix ain't what one wants and/or it ain't nice. A little like the worst possible interpretation of the Tower card in tarot. The latest foolishness involves messing with my President. And they must be called out. 

This past weekend, the most vocal, ugly, vociferous people attached to the Tea Party marched to the White House which houses the President, a man who heads the country and is the head of the BLACK family living there, and paraded the CONFEDERATE FLAG.

WHAT THE F**K! DON”T GIVE ME THAT CRAP ABOUT IT BEING A SIGN OF PRIDE! That flag is about intimidation when it’s waved or displayed.  The person holding it may as well put a hood over their head and hold a burning cross.

Excuse me, but even if you detest Mister Obama, the waving of that flag at the Capitol is at least treason. That's a mini lesson in the fed law. Something all Teabaggers should know because since Mister Obama became President they all became CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SCHOLARS! That flag represents the side who was AGAINST the Union, the country. And the side who went to war because abolishing slavery would be the end of the way that side were living. Off the backs of enslaved, unpaid hard labor.So that flag is not something to be proud about. GET IT?
Then to make matters even nastier, and to push it into the Theatre of the Absurd, TED CRUZ, Tea Party darling of Texas, stands up and gives a rousing hate speech which insults the President, Muslims and any citizen who cares about the USA. The man and his rocket scientist sidekick, SARAH PALIN, appeared purely for a photo op and to spew disinformation. TED CRUZ spoke at a  march that vets had planned to protest the gov’t closure of the VET memorial. A memorial that TED CRUZ voted to CLOSE! Hypocrite! He’s insane and dangerous. The Tea Party and their ilk only think of themselves. Bringing the country to ruin is their dream so they can blame it on President Obama, “that Kenyan Muslim” they hate.

John Boehner brought the date from Hell to the prom and he can't get rid of her. Serves him right for being so hard up.

The Tea Party reminds me of something that my grandmother used to say. She’d say, “I’m afraid of the person who can do want is necessary no matter what.”

How true.

These nuts don’t care that the whole country and the world will be set back if their plan to push default succeeds. They are not afraid to do what they deem necessary. Their looney followers think the same. All this because poor folks, Black and Brown folks would have healthcare. And The Affordable Care Act is LAW, not a suggestion. There are steps to repeal a law. One does not tack on one's request for a law to be repealed by treating it like a rider on an insurance policy. Talk about disrepect. Just sticking it on the budget like no one's gonna notice. How shitty.

The extremely sad thing is the way this faction has played on its constituency's fears. The constituency is mixed (please take Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and Dr. Ben Carson) but let's be real, a huge number are very Conservative Caucasians. They say they want their country back. If they are referring to the pre-civil rights era, I am sure they know that going back to the "idyllic" 50s was only "idyllic" for them. It was Hell for everybody else. They are afraid of the browning of America, gay rights and God forbid---people who need healthcare actually getting it. This constituency follows, like lemmings, anyone who will  make them feel good about their...ill will for, and skewed view of the less fortunate. So, there. But you know what? This misguided constituency who rallies and marches and waves confederate flags are being held hostage just like the rest of America. I am quite sure that many in those irate crowds receive and/or need those monthly food stamps, Social Security or disability benefits and surely need the Affordable Care Act as badly as the poor, Black and Brown people they vilify.
 So keep voting for the Tea Party, y'all. Keep clapping like trained seals.
In the meantime, stand firm Mister President. I stand with you.  

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