Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Musings on the doubletalk concerning some 2014 reading resolutions put forth by readers and reviewers at popular romance book review sites

I've been scanning the popular romance book review sites for the last few days. Many reviewers have posted their lists of 2013 favorites and the readers who frequent the sites have weighed in with their 2013 keepers and their projected reading goals for 2014. Resolutions on both the part of the reviewers and the part of the readers included not to suffer through a book for any of the following reasons: a premise they found boring, an unrelatable storyline, disgusting scenes and/or characters they could not care about. Others goals included stepping out of their comfort zone and picking up books they never would have looked at before. A list was given (male-male romance, menage, paranormal, military, etc.)

Admirable goals.

Except here is where I'm gonna get pissy. Not a one, NOT A ONE of these reviewers or readers included the possiblity of reading an INTERRACIAL romance. Yeah, I can hear you now. "She's just bitchin' because that's what she writes." Partially true. Also true is that habits are hard to break. Human nature is a bitch. Routine is hard to unseat if it gives one great solace.


Would the inclusion of attempting to read a romance with people in it who do not look like the mainstream reader have been such a stretch? And by "mainstream", we all know who that entails. It's weird that this type of romance is rarely, if ever, on a "mainstream" list because this country's stats on interracial dating/marriage is increasing. The swirl of all flavors is out there. As are wonderful books.

I also find it strange that the same readers lament constantly in the comment sections or forums on romance books that they desire to see other cultures depicted in the books they read.


Don't you get it? To step out of one's comfort zone, one has to step out of the comfort zone. Be adventurous. Do you need directions on how to pick a book? There aren't any. You just pick up one and read.

Ladies, gents if you aren't seeking it out, buying and reading it, you won't see it. You'll keep filling up your library with what you've been digesting. For the New Year, I say dispense with the resolutions. Simply open your mind and your horizons.

Happy New Year and happy reading.

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