Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- My Sexy Rebellion- #MSS #Saturday7 #MSSWeek41 #MySexySaturday, March 22nd

My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop hosted by author Lynn Crain. I'm back on the hop after a few weeks off to regroup. This week's theme is about the rush of being rebellious in love. Being free to participate or not. Just being. Finding joy in the unexpected or newly discovered. The excerpt from the very first book in my series, THE FELIG CHRONICLES, shows our couple, Nate and Tina, having found out something that will free them to dive into their relationship without reservation. Or maybe not. Love is like that sometimes.

“You‟ve known this for a while now?” Nate advanced on Tina.


“And you still are here, knowing the reason for our arrangement?

“Yes.” Tina backed up, very aware of the closed door behind her.


“Because.” Tina lowered her gaze, feeling very confused.

“Because? That‟s not an answer.” Nate tossed his clothes on the seat of a nearby chair. “Why are you still here with me if the reason for our business no longer exists?” He was inches from her, staring her down with those penetrating baby blues. He reached out and stroked her face. “Tell the truth, Tina. Why?”

“Because I like you. You‟re fun to be with.”

“Tina. The truth.”

She found the courage to meet his stare. “Because I have fallen in love with your simple ass. Unconditionally. That‟s why. Is that what you needed to hear?”

“Yes. Yes, it was, you feisty piece of ass.” Nate pulled her against his nude body. “Yes, it‟s what I needed to hear. Now brace yourself.”


“Because I love you too. Unconditionally. You challenge me. Tina, I love you.”

Tina draped her arms around his neck. “I suppose this means I have to kiss you now?”

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  1. Love it when the characters finally break down and own up!

  2. Very sweet. I like how he still tries to be macho. LOL

  3. Nate is a beta hero but his alpha rears its head sometimes.