Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paul Ryan and his solution for inner city poverty. Universe give me strength!

Whoa! Is this the new “re-branding” of the GOP? Instead of kinder and gentler they are going for the jugular vein. I guess all the trendy libertarian blood that was walking around CPAC last week got them all fired up and pumped to sell woof tickets. And who can sell woof tickets like a mofo? PAUL RYAN can, that’s who. Used to be TED CRUZ but he’s sitting out this round of clueless, otherwise known as I-don't-give-a-shit.

So, Paulie-Boy, inner-city men are the cause of all poverty in the USA because they just l-u-u-u-rve the shitty welfare system that intrudes on every corner of one’s life when one has to sign up or starve? OOOO, yeah nothing says lazy-in-style like “waiting on your EBT card to be re-loaded.” And every astute gamer of the system knows that nothing says “live in style like the rich do in Monaco” on $78 monthly in f$%^king food stamps and a cash benefit of $110 monthly. Oh, yeah, Paul rub up your base. Get 'em wet. Preach it, baby.

First of all, “inner city” is code for BLACK/BROWN. But to be accurate, today, inner city is POOR ANY COLOR. Go buy a newer edition of the Urban Dictionary, Paulie.

In his appearance on the “Morning in America” show, hosted by Bill Bennett, Mr. Ryan invoked the names of Charles Murray and Robert Putnam, those writers of The Bell Curve and of how diversity is harmful (Bowling Alone). Oh, yeah. They write books on BLACK/BROWN supposed inferiority so they must know what they are talking about. Hey, I write books with aliens and monsters in ’em. Don’t know a thing about ’em. Made it up. Like those scholars me thinks.

But hey Black folks don’t be upset, it’s just Paulie solving your poverty problem. Not a word said about solving the lack of JOBS problem. Just denigration and stirring up turds. Funny, he didn’t say what poor, non-Black folks are guilty of and how he will solve their poverty problem.

Hey, Dummy Ryan! Poverty knows no race! You oughta know. ’Cuz as a kid your family survived on those same poverty programs when your father died!

To all U. S. voters who have been damaged by this man and his party's theories: This man is in charge of the committee for the nation's budget. You have seen how rabidly he has pursued deep cuts to it and has succeeded in getting them. If re-elected, he will continue to cut the budget to the bone. Do not let him. It hurts the poor, children, the elderly and Vets, of all colors. Vote him out. Vote! 

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