Friday, February 28, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Let's Get Sexy On - @MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSWeek38 #MySexySaturday, March 1st

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, Week 38. This blog hop is hosted by author Lynn Crain. The hop consists of sexy snippets from romance works, published or WIP, which stick to a theme. And this week's theme is: Sex or how a couple relates physically, mentally and emotionally in the sack. Or where ever they get together. Snippets are 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. My snippet went over the number but I couldn't cut the scene. FORGIVE ME. Besides, it's not polite to interrupt a couple. The scene is from SOMETHING ELSE WICKED, book 2 of THE FELIG CHRONICLES by P. J. DEAN, my paranormal/IR romance series.

In the scene, Nate and Tina are enjoying the calm before the storm of a deadly showdown at a charity function. Knowing they will be entering the lion's den and that they may not survive, they make love and Nate reveals more about himself.

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"Something new?" Tina peeled off her shower wrap and dashed under the covers.

"Trust me. Close your eyes." Nate stripped off his pajama bottoms and stood looking down at her. He climbed back on the bed, snatched away the sheet and stretched out over Tina.

"W-h-hat the hell are you doing?" She gritted out, eyes flying open.

"Shhh! Close the eyes, please." He policed her as she did. Forehead to forehead, hand to hand, toe to toe. He worked up to a soft orange glow throughout his whole being and pulsated. "Now, open your eyes, Miss Mouth," Nate whispered. "Don’t be afraid. It’s me. You got over the wings. You can get over this. Please open your eyes."

Tina did as instructed cautiously. Upon seeing her lover's state, she wanted to run. But fainting would do nicely right now too. She swallowed and then quipped nervously, "First, the wings. Now you fuckin' glow and pulsate. Full of surprises. You’re a human electric blanket!"

"Or the world’s largest adult toy. No batteries needed." He pressed
his open mouth to hers while he rubbed his pulsating body against her. Their all-consuming, kiss threatened to extract their souls and neither one of them were worried about it. The charged atmosphere had them panting in no time. "Ease up!" Nate gasped, prying Tina’s mouth and fingers from him. He didn’t want to come yet. Tina’s frown disappeared when he pushed her onto her back and kissed down her body leaving a trail of hot hand prints. Parting her firm thighs, he zeroed in on that beckoning, sweet spot, teasing her to climax.

"Oh! Sweet Lord! Oh! Yes!"Tina pulled at his head and shoulders as she tensed and released. Nate smiled against her inner thigh. He captured her hands, rose up and wedged himself between her legs. "No breather?"a euphoric Tina asked.

"No time to waste." He relinquished her hands and instead gripped her hips. Look at me."
In seconds, a gasping Tina watched as Nate entered her. At contact, his wings launched with a sound akin to opening an umbrella. Awash in perspiration, they slipped and slid against each other. One, fire, one catching fire. He gripped her tighter, rushed and retreated faster and deeper. Tina looked up into eyes that reflected the tenderness and fervor in her own. She scooted lower to give him greater access and to completely give herself over to the moment. The move always drew a guttural "Yes" from Nate. His orange glow went into flash mode as he watched Tina finger her nipples, and as she ran her hands over his heaving chest. He felt her questing continue down to where they joined. It took all his concentration not to come yet. That move almost undid him. Nate fanned his wings in order to keep the bed from igniting. The wet, the warmth, the woman. "Keep doing that, Tina, and I’ll be way past gone." He struggled to sound coherent.

She played her hand over his slick, jerking stomach. Staring him down, she murmured, "Then go, babe. I'm almost there again."

Tina’s trust and surrender combined with her permission tipped him over the edge. "Good God, yes! Tina!" Nate lost rhythm and careened into her.

A second sweet explosion blindsided Tina. She clutched his back and nipped at his neck as she got washed along in his chaotic flood.

Leveling his face with hers, he managed, "We’re good together, T. Oh so good," He remained in her, not moving, savoring her muscles still reverberating around him.

"That we are, hon," she said, capturing his head between her two hands, her bright brown eyes locking with his cool blue ones. "That we are."

Nate planted an innocent kiss on her forehead. He rested his head on her breasts and they fell asleep in each other's embrace under the shelter of his outstretched wings.


  1. Wow! That was intense ( and intriguing) :-)

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    1. the script has been flipped! The tireless human. Ever-Ready need not apply.

  3. Ooooh... love this line: "Or the world’s largest adult toy. No batteries needed." This is wonderful, especially the wings.

    1. Why thank you, Savanna. They are a smoking couple.