Monday, February 3, 2014

The Super Bowl and its ads

I do not watch football. I do not like football. I do not like sports. Period. The whole competiton thing, yecch! But today’s African-American history fact is about football and is quite recent. Yesterday, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks became only the second African-American quarterback in NFL history to win a Super Bowl ring. Also, also, Richard Sherman, big ups, my man. Last week the Twitter trolls were calling you a “thug.” Baby, you can tell ‘em “yeah, now I got a Super Bowl ring. Bite my" thug" ass.”

Richard Sherman is not a "thug." Richard Sherman is a trash-talking, Stanford-educated jock. All highly skilled, hyper, competitive athletes of all colors talk trash. So do not be hypocrites. You all love the drama. End of story.

Also the Seattle Seahawks' coach requires the players to do yoga. Love it. You need flexibilty and focus to be able to move on the field in addition to speed and strength.

The Broncos never knew what hit ‘em.

For me, “thug” is the new N-word. If you notice, cretin news reporters and police officers use it freely because using the N-word would get them all kinds of grief.

As I have said, I don’t like sports. I am not one of those people sitting in the stands or on a couch shouting, “We won! We won! Fool, you won nothing. You are watching a game played by millionaires, owned by billionaires. You are a spectator at best. A consumer definitely.

Super Bowl commercials. This year’s ads were pretty good. My top ones:

Maserati: Took my breath away with this ad. Quvenzhane Wallis. Go find it on Youtube.

The Classic Coke commercial: Beautiful. Had the Twitter trolls out big time. Poor souls. Always worried about how the “foreigners” are taking over America. Guess what, darlings? Unless your ancestors' butts were here before Columbus or whatever privateer sailed over and hit these shores, you are the “foreigner.”  No wonder Twitter trolls feel put upon. History can be a bitch when you don’t know your place in it.

Oh, and BTW, "America the Beautiful" is not the U. S. National Anthem. But any real American would know that, right?

The Cheerios commercial: I don’t give props to corporations but the cereal giant DID NOT back down and double-downed instead with the IR family. Kudos!

And the Kia ad with Laurence Fishburne, Honda with Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen, and Eye Candy Royale, David Beckham in his drawers for H&M.

Breathe in, breathe out.

The land is calm now and the Titans have returned to the Heavens until next year.

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