Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #MSS36, - February 15th - I Feel Sexy - #MSS, #Saturday7

This is my third week participating in the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop hosted by author Lynn Crain. Participating romance authors from all genres may submit 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from WIPs or published works that match the week's given theme.This week's theme is having your book's characters feeling sexy and showing it toward one another. This can take many forms. But this being Valentine's Day weekend, I picked the obvious way in the romance world. My excerpt depicts that choice. The couple in my Interracial/paranormal romance series, THE FELIG CHRONICLES, Nate Lowe and Tina Cain, have been through a lot. In this snippet from book 2 of the series, SOMETHING ELSE WICKED, our fearless couple is recovering from an harrowing assassination attempt on Nate, in the one way which heals him and them and re-affirms their love.

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“You make it sound like the end is near.” She tried to escape his fingers.

“We have to celebrate whenever, however.” Nate dipped to pick her up. “Stop crying.”

“Nate, put me down. You’re still mending. You need all your strength.” She felt his back ripple as she held onto him.

“I need you. Heal me.” At the last word, the usually concealed slits in his back, gapped and his folded wings tunneled through and unfurled.

Nate walked over and deposited her on their bed. Tina pushed the photos of Nan over the side to the floor. She rose up and tugged the lavender night dress up and off. “Nate, that still freaks me out some, but it’s growing on me.”

As he stood admiring her, she reached up and pulled the drawstring on his pajama bottoms. They fell to his ankles and he stepped out of the pool they made on the floor. Nate knelt on the bed over her. His desire evident in his manner and his flesh. “I just want you to feel safe. Lift up,” he recited in that raspy voice she recognized as a prelude to something that was going to be urgent and absolutely excellent. He hooked his thumbs in the band of her bikini undies and teased them down her toned legs and off. Nate twirled the discarded delicates on an index finger then tossed them over his shoulder. “Works the same as salt for good luck.” Tina reclined, arms stretched out above her head. “I never tire of this view.” His wings quivered in short, tight bursts. Nate nibbled a torrid path up her nude body, entwined hands above her head and locked eyes with her. “Focus on us. Can you do that?”

         "Unequivocally.” Tina kissed him deeply, wrapped her legs around him and let the healing begin.


  1. The intensity when they look at each other is lovely!

  2. Very sensual round of lovemaking coming up.

  3. I love when his wings came out...that was hot. Very sexy snippet.