Friday, February 7, 2014

#MSS #Saturday7 My Sexy Saturday- Come Undone Sexy -Week 35- February 8

This my My Sexy Saturday entry for week 35. I'm posting it early because knowing me, I'll forget to do it tomorrow once I'm awake and running. Here are Seven, Scintillating Paragraphs of Pure Pleasure (and Pathos!) The excerpt is taken from UNION, book 3 of The Felig Chronicles, my Interracial/paranormal romance series currently available from my publisher, eXtasy Books, and from all sellers of digital products.

When we last left my destined couple, Nate  Lowe and Tina Cain, they were re-grouping after wondering whether they had staying power as a pair beyond besting aliens and some terrific sex. They had fallen into "this thing" for selfish reasons and had discovered to their surprise that they'd clicked. Now, something unforseen had rocked their foundation. See the previous week's entry.

But this week's entry answers the MSS call for couples who can't keep their hands off each other. So in this snippet, we are taken back to a looser, freer time in their relationship (actually earlier in the book) when few surfaces in the house were safe or off-limits when the mood hit them. LOL.

"I can’t believe it. No nosey asses at the end of the drive." Tina hopped up to peek through a parted drape.

George Clooney must have married someone," Nate joked. He walked up behind her and led her back to the sofa. As if they were sixteen year olds, heavy petting ensued as they tumbled onto the couch.

"Oh, yeah!" Nate said softly as Tina reacquainted herself with his body by rubbing and nuzzling his toned chest and kissing his cheek.

"Hey there," Tina whispered into Nate’s ear as he leaned in to tongue the hollow at the base of her neck and ease her robe off a shoulder to follow its curve with his lips.

He dug his fingers into her twists and cradled the back of her head. Suddenly, Nate ceased exploring her. He stilled Tina’s hands and then gently removed them from under his robe. He rearranged their wraps.

"Nate?" She touched his forearm. "What gives?"

"Not here. Not like this, Tina. No sticky finger on the sofa. We aren’t teenagers. I really would not want to have to jump up and try to cover both our naked butts with the cushions if someone came in. Plus, doing it on the bare upholstery is gross." He shook his head and was so somber, Tina almost laughed. "There is just something so wrong about bodily fluids and absorbent upholstery. We have to…reconnect without interruptions."

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  1. Hahaha! He DOES have a point! I hope they find a safe place...

  2. LOL That's what blankets and throws are for. They can be washed. ;) Hopefully it doesn't interupt their mood.

  3. Sure is hard to get stains out of upholstery, let alone explain how they got there. ;-) Nice excerpt.

  4. Omygosh, talk about a mood killer... yep, prepare ahead with blankets like Jessica suggested. And go for it!