Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Ratchet need to sit the Hell down!

Again the land of sunshine, Mickey Mouse and miscarriages of justice has spoken. The article below says so much about the debacle of the Michael Dunn trial in ratchet-assed Florida. The article that I have linked below has the man himself actually summing up pretty well the type of person he is.

But have no fear. According to that sorry-assed excuse for a prosecutor, Angela Corey, Dunn's assault on a car armed with blaring hip-hop music and chocked full of Black teens had nothing to do with race. O-o-o-o-okay. So, is she saying if they'd been blaring a "Mumford and Sons" tune they wouldn't have been fired on?

The child he executed, Jordan Davis, would have been 19 years old this past February 16.

Mr. Dunn's life has fallen into the same abyss that has gobbled up George Zimmerman. Like I said, the Universe abhors a vacuum. And goes to great lengths to rectify it

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