Friday, October 31, 2014


Welcome to the 66th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is a sexy date night. We all know what a sexy date night is. Everyone has had that wonderfully sexy man ask us out and just knew it was going to be a very special time. More recently, we’re heard the words date night spoken of with reverence as parents take a night away from their children. No matter what your concept of date night may be, we’d love to hear all about that wonderful evening.


This week's snippet comes from UNION, THE FELIG CHRONICLES, BOOK THREE. Nate and Tina, our alien-battling duo, are having a date night. A date to re-evaluate their relationship and to see if they have staying power as a permanent couple after a rather trying episode. Enjoy the excerpt and follow my fellow authors on this blog hop at:

"You're too quiet which means you’re mentally ravishing me.”

“Tina, humor the perv in me. Turn, please.” She relented.

Nate liked her legs clad in the sheerest of stockings in her flesh tone and the high-heeled suede pumps, which made her calf muscles clench to maintain her balance. The dress did her justice or vice versa. It stretched over her athletic but lush frame. He reached for her, pulled her close, and inhaled. She’d layered her signature scent. Even her upsweep of curls held her perfume.

“Nate, we’re gonna be late.” She leaned into him, clutching his strong forearms and enjoyed his nearness as he aided her in keeping upright in the damned heels.

“One question, I gotta ask,” he whispered.


“Are those pantyhose or thigh-highs? And is there the slightest chance I might find out on my own?”

“That’s more than one question.” She pushed off his frame. “We need to go. I’m hungry.”


  1. I love the way she handled his question! Keep him guessing. :) Very nice.

  2. Great natural....I want him to slip his hand under her dress and tell us ;)

  3. Tease! I'm sure there will be fireworks later. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. How can she resist him? Very subtle and sexy.. Love it..x

  5. Mm-mmm, I love that kind of sexual tension between couples.