Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thank you but...

Thanks to the people who have read my books. EXCEPT. Why don't you ever leave a review on Amazon or wherever you got it? Legit or pirated. Yes, I know some of you don't get my stuff through the correct channels. SHAME ON YOU. Why don't you think my effort is worth your money? It's worth your time apparently because I used to find my work on those kinds of sites all the time. I must say that the IR/Multicultural book threads are in heavy rotation on the pirate sites. Is it such a forbidden pleasure that you can't be found out buying one from a legal ebookstore? Is it so freaky? Well, you aren't alone in your "freakdom." Somebody is reading them. 'Cuz I can hear you breathing. 'Cuz fellow authors lament low sales and low royalties in spite of readers emailing them or commenting on Facebook how much they loved the book. So as I have said, "Somebody is reading them." SO IF YOU ARE READING MY ISH, LEAVE A REVIEW, WHY DON'T YA? Thank you.

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