Friday, February 20, 2015

Author Tag Facebook Response

Thank you for the shout out, V! I was caught off guard about the whole "tagging" thing because I'm sure I'm the only person on Earth who didn't know what "tagging"was. But I found out! And my three picks are KS Augustin, RK Shiraishi, writing as Echo Ishii, and Heather Massey.

As an aside: Don't despair Veronica Scott! Nate and Tina, and the crew will be back this fall in GAMBIT, book 5 of The FELIG CHRONICLES. It's beyond beyond. Stay tuned.

The work of the three authors that I selected are a mix of Sci-fi and paranormal but their books' characters qualify for tagging in the Scifi Romance Group because I say so!

I really enjoyed Assassin's Way by KS Augustin. My Lord! The switchbacks and plot turns were wonderful. It's space opera centered on a galaxy's less than honorable diplomatic corps and a heroine, the very capable Alshandiel who thinks she's found a welcoming place there. Oh, honey. Please run. Fast. KS is the chief editor of the Scifi Romance Quarterly. 

RK Shiraishi wears many hats (a few are: reviewer at Scifi Romance Quarterly, reviewer and interviewer at the blog, Smart Girls Love Scifi and Paranormal Romance) but my favorite is as the author Echo Ishii, who produced the novella, Mr Rumpel and Mr Grimm. This book is not sci-fi but it is defintely out of this world. Ishii created a pair of creature-characters with very human emotions, who deal with very human-like happenings in a believable fantasy setting. Plus, Daniel is such an imp, er, um, I mean, half-elf. Product Details

And last, but not least, is Heather Massey. A jill-of-all-trades. Captain of the blog The Galaxy Express. I must admit her Once Upon a Time in Space grabbed me. The premise is so original. I mean how can you resist a hero who is the direct descendant of Christopher Columbus, who gets drafted to colonize a new planet. C'mon. That's catnip. Product Details

So, there's my mixed bag. Ladies, the ball's in your respective courts!


  1. Three good choices! and I can't wait for "beyond beyond" in FELIG Book 5!

  2. Wow! Thanks for tagging me and the kind words. Time for me to share the love.