Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FSOG, Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings...Naw : The time to "lean in" is always appropriate

There was a bloodless dust up on Twitter on the 4th. An author (and I use the title loosely), a White author thought that it would be totes "hilarious" to pen a mashup of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY using good ole THOMAS JEFFERSON and his slave/rape victim/mother of several of his bi-racial children, SALLY HEMINGS as characters. Now this ish wasn't just a joke, this "author" was already in talks with an editor from a major house (Harper Collins I believe). This crap was gonna go down. She blew her wad early when she discussed it in a Facebook posting. Big, long-assed, noxious post on how funny it would be and how it's a good as done deal. Pride does go before the fall. Yes, I know about freedom of speech and blah, blah, blah. But you know what you don't know? That that 1st amendment guarantees one freedom of speech but not freedom from being criticized for what one's dumb ass says. So girlfriend can say and write all she wants. And others have the right to bug her about it. And that's what happened. This willfully clueless chick (Stephanie Dray) had her shit shut down. With the quickness. Of course she offered a lame-assed apology. See link below. The standard, "Sorry if you were offended by what I said, on and on...Please. Get down off that cross. Somebody needs the wood, dahling. We caught you. We peeped your shit. The only thing that would have gotten shut down quicker would have been if she had proposed a FSOG mashup of ANNE FRANK and a NAZI OFFICER. Slavery, confinement and rape aren't totes "hilarious" in any era, Ms. Dray.

Read aforementioned lame-assed excuse at this link:

Read the pathetically perky book talk Facebook post at Jenny Trout's blog;

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