Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey! I'm the spotlight author over at "A Year Without a Duke"

Fellow historical romance author, Genevieve Turner has a terrific project going on all this year. After being in a historical romance reading slump at the end of last year, she decided to create the A Year Without A Duke website. At the site she will be reading and spotlighting a historical romance each week that has main characters who are outside-of-the-box (not aristocratic and/or Caucasian or lying around a chaise in a salon). Soooo, guess whose book is up this week? You got it. My book KINDRED, AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY with its African-American heroine and Oneida hero. Visit her site all week to follow along and to enter to a rafflecopter giveaway at


  1. Wow! Love the diversity of your characters, and "A Year Without A Duke," what a great idea!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, E. J. That site is the brain child of author Genevieve Turner and such a novel idea. I was honored to be chosen.