Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh Rachel, chile! What have you done?


Wait. That's not true. I have a few. Ms. Dolezal can be whatever she wants to be. As long as she takes the total package that comes with being Black in America. The good and the horrid. No picking a la carte like from a menu. But she seems to have chosen to bypass the whole "messy" part of actually being Black and gone for total appropriation via her version of some Zen bullshit. Honey, just stay in your lane and work your good from there. No need to dress in "blackface" to "feel my pain." You can do so much more good being yourself and informing those who look like you what the real deal is. Yes, I even read somewhere that some fools called her "transracial." Please. Does that work in reverse? Can I get me some of that "privilege" expedited overnight if I "feel" an attack of White coming on? Can FedEx do that?

I doubt it. Greatly. No amount of skin bleaching, blue contacts or blond, straightened hair or posturing would transform me into a North Face-wearing, Starbucks-drinking wannabe. This deception is a slap in the face not a tribute. Just another way of showing, hey, "I can substitute you anytime I want. I can out-Black you. A real you is not required." Instances like this are the only time I give persons like Kim K., Iggy A and  et al. a glance. I never knew their appeal in society. But now I get it. They are Afro-Lite. All the appearance and none of the responsibility. And definitely none of the burden. With "stand-ins" like these, who needs the real thing? This so mimics the nuttiness going on in the world of romance publishing. Writers of color need not apply because, "hey look, we got writers here already who know how a Black, Latina, Indian heroine would sound and we don't need your input!" There are several Rachel Dolezal-like writers in the multicultural romance genre. And you know who you are. Dishing up "realness" you soaked up researching on the internetz. Oh, yes, Rachel is not alone by any stretch.

If this masquerade is true, she has committed no crime in being part of the NAACP. Anyone can join. The question is:Did she fib on her employment application? If so, she used deception. I don't get it. Reads like that bad movie "Soul Man." Why, Rachel? Why?

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