Tuesday, June 23, 2015

R. I. P. James Horner - One of the best movie soundtrack composers since John Williams, Bernard Herrmann and Quincy Jones

You might not think this post has anything to with romance but guess what? It does. The man's work has been witness to many a manuscript written by me. He composed sweeping, engulfing, stimulating music. Perfect to accompany romance reading, writing or doing what behooves you while listening to evocative music. I just had to acknowledge this man because I adore, adored his talent. Movie soundtracks. I love them and own a number of them and keep searching for more (the really good ones). I write to them. I get inspiration from them. The soundtrack from "The Last of the Mohicans" was blaring when I was penning "Kindred, An American Love Story." Anyhoo, James Horner the composer of a lot of my favorites died in a plane crash yesterday. ;( The man wrote heavenly, moving music. Music that was memorable. Not just noise in the background to dialogue. I loved the Oscar-winner's work. "Braveheart" "Star Trek 2" Titanic" "The Missing" "A Beautiful Mind" "Avatar" "Legends of the Fall" "Apollo 13" "Glory", on and on. Oh man. If you like Orff, Horner's soundtrack for "Glory" will give you shivers. Oh man. Just sad to lose beauty.

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