Friday, July 10, 2015

Before any of these mega-preachers there was Father Divine!

Talk about a blast from the past! This man was BIG in my neck of the woods. He preached racial harmony and drew large crowds. I used to eat at his Peace Mission in Philly as a treat when I was a kid because the menu was out-of-this-world and there were no set prices...until piggy, greedy knuckleheads started coming in eating plate after plate and paying something like .20 cents for each HUGE plate of real, home-cooked food they inhaled. My mouth is watering from memory! Their lamb shanks were out of sight! Anyhoo, piggy, cheap folk ruined it and the mission had to set prices. I mean damn. It costs to buy food, cook food and serve food. Still, it was a low price. And it didn't deter my family from going. Kept the shady away though. They also had the best ice cream. Below is a photo of Father Divine and his "spotless, virgin bride," (as she was referred to and according to the Church tenets STAYED that way after marrying) "Sweet Angel" who after marriage became Mother Divine. The dear Father has passed but Mother Divine still resides at Woodmont, the headquarters of the movement. She is 90 years old. The mission's mansion, Woodmont, is a national treasure and open to the public for tours to this day.

all info courtesy of black america web

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