Tuesday, July 28, 2015

August - "Diverse Books Month" on Rivka Spicer's blog

*Just received an update from Rivka. The event will commence July 31st at 7pm and run until August 31 at 7pm*
I thought I'd post this a few days in advance so you could mark your calendars if interested. Author Rivka Spicer is hosting a whole month of diverse books, and the diverse authors who write them, on her blog. A list is posted, there and down below, of the participants. And guess who's on it? Say it out loud. C'mon. My day is scheduled for AUGUST 9, 2015. Ms. Spicer tweeted her intention of hosting this event and asked for comers. I answered the call.

Now if you drive by my blog every now and then, you know I'm opinionated but not nasty. I shoot straight from the hip in a polite but direct way. So the piece I wrote for the event is in the same vein. It's not sugar-coated, or Kumbaya-ish, or "really?" The romance industry is a BUSINESS. A dog-eat-dog BUSINESS. The industry stays with the tried and true UNLESS some self-pubbed writer or indie press breaks out with the unusual. THEN the Big 5 jump on that person's bigger vision and runs with it. Trendsetters they are not. But there is one field of romance they wanna break out in, if not dominant - MULTICULTURAL. (Again, how I loathe that word) BUT the Big 5 loves that word because it categorizes a thing. For what it's worth, the Big 5 have not been able to duplicate success in building MULTICULTURAL into big money.

In any case, just read my post when it's up (and all the other writers posts too) to see my take on this fiasco. Here are the links to all the festivities.

Follow Rivka's blog all month to get some new book recs.

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