Saturday, August 1, 2015

Guitarist Nile Rodgers' Black Panther roots

Ah! I can see my peach-colored, Qiana bodysuit, along with its matching wrap skirt, spread out on my bed. My hustle shoes (no, not Candies. I couldn't dance in those ho-heels) are shined and waiting. I'm fluffing my 'fro in the mirror and applying my make up to go out, and, and on the radio in the background, the opening chords to Chic's "Good Times" blasts out. Oh, sorry. Having a private, happy moment of being a twenty-something and a dancing queen.

Anyhoo, back to the present. Nile Rodgers, the founder and producer/guitarist of the group, Chic, and that wonderful song was a Black Panther as a teen! Who knew? Peruse the old school photo. And is that a, a, a Jheri Curl? Oh my. Oh well. Gotta go. I hear a club calling.

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