Monday, August 17, 2015

Teen and husband charged with trying to join ISIL

My heart goes out to this young lady, her family and even the young man. Her misguided allegiance has ruined her life. If she sees daylight again outside of a federal pen before she turns 40, it will be because of divine intervention. The Feds do not play. They are not like local law enforcement who rush in sometimes without all the facts and might have to retreat if they are wrong about you. Nu-uh. By the time you show up on the Feds' radar, and they lock on you and move on you, they've been watching you a looooong time and have all their evidence ducks in a row. You are gonna go down for a hard piece of time for sure when they make their appearance. A bright light snuffed out by the hubris of youth. What a waste!

courtesy of:  Black America Web

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