Monday, August 31, 2015

Dr. Claudia J. Alexander, scientist - Oversaw the Galileo and Rosetta Missions at NASA

Another alarmingly brilliant star has flamed out and gone on to nourish the heavens. Why is it that these people aren't honored while living? I hate finding out more about a person after death. I knew Dr. Claudia J. Alexander existed but humans tend to fixate on the show dogs, the hot shots - the astronauts. Not the numbers-crunching, head-scratching, brainy Poindexters who do the paperwork to get them to their destinations. Brainy loses to brawn when media needs good copy. She was an advocate for getting women and minorities into STEM programs. Aw, hell. R. I. P. amongst the stars you studied so avidly, beautiful NASA pioneer.

Claudia Alexander.jpg

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