Friday, August 21, 2015

MISTY! In all her glory! On ESSENCE

I adore this woman. Her talent. Her grace. Her power. All the traits a ballerina needs. Oh, I'm sure those in the ballet world with less melanin think she's getting a "free ride" or is a fluke. But how? She's worked for it. Damned hard. She's sacrificed for it. She's EARNED it. And yeah, she is taking product endorsements and outside work like nobody's business. So? A dance career is short. It is so important for ALL people to be able to see the "possible" in order to even think of achieving it. She's lit up the faces of little non-Caucasian girls the world over because she represents what is possible. Representation counts. It goes for ballet, for filmmaking for fashion modeling and for publishing. As for Ms. Copeland? She's busy dancing, breaking down barriers one arabesque at a time. And IF she even thinks anything about what the petty folk think, she's probably thinking "Whatever. And do have several seats." Brava, Misty!


info courtesy of  Black America Web

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