Saturday, August 15, 2015


OK. Atten-Hut! I'm gonna go off on a wee diatribe about book reading today. Just my observations.

What is it? Has the age, or expectations, of the average reader changed drastically? Has the readership devolved? I don't know when it happened (maybe when Twilight came out? IDK) But I gotta ask some questions. What is this demand for "trigger warnings" all about? The need to know EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' THING about a book BEFORE one reads it? Why read it? Have we become that fragile? I don't think so. The New Adult subgenre with its raped, brutalized, assaulted-by-family heroes and heroines are doing booming business. Seems like a lot of  readers A-D-O-R-E the broken characters (I swear that word should be outlawed as should the whole sorry-assed subgenre). My college years were nothing like the goings-on with plots and people of these books. UGH! I don't care for them but my opinion doesn't count. So, what gives? What is this need to know if the heroine is "attacked?" If any of those adjectives are in a blurb, I do not read the book. But you are warned and all still read it and y'all seem to l-u-r-v-e it. Then complain 'cuz ugliness was in the book. Miss me with that. Also, the main question -  "Does it end in a cliffhanger? WTH! LIFE ends in a cliffhanger! READ THE BOOK! YOU'LL FIND OUT! Geesh! Not sure if a book ends in a cliffhanger? Think you'd be pissed if it did? Pssst! Don't read the book.

Serials vs. series. Some writers might be tryin' to get extra money from you but the vast majority of them CANNOT put everything in ONE book. If they did, it would costs more and you'd have tons to say about that. Oh, and if authors try to curb price by making the book a novella, the public complains that it was too short and the ending felt rushed.

Damned if you do; damned if you don't.

Also, what is with this fear of the unknown in general? That's what the log line and book blurb are for. They give a look into the book. Not a synopsis. That's all you need. I don't get it. Reading a book is supposed to be an adventure. Afraid to go on the trip? Don't pick up the book. That simple.

I don't write or buy serials because that format does not work for me. I just wait until the whole book comes out. I rather not pay 10 bucks for a 130 pg book in pieces.

I had to get that off my chest. You know other things in life are far more important. I'm just puzzled by this vetting of a romance book like one is vetting a future spouse.

I feel better. Now get off my lawn.

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