Monday, September 28, 2015

Presenting The Crusaders!

Some people wonder why I post on dead folks a lot. Why? Because the people I post about were NEVER given their rightly, copious praises when alive. The men and women in the arts and/or sciences who are not "pop culture" popular rarely get the accolades they deserve. Oh shut up! I can hear some of you moaning from here! For every Mrs. Carter or Ms. Minaj, there is an equally or more talented performer who will not get their due while living. Especially if they are sharing the same myopic space as the type of performers I've mentioned. These ignored innovators rarely get their proper due. No induction into halls of fame. No endorsement contracts for hair color or make up. What they usually get is their music used for commer-shills for hamburgers and cars and phones, etc. And pretty way under what the "Pop" gods/goddesses get. I present the latest in lost genius. The Crusaders. That r-n-b group from the 60s and 70s who also played soul, funk and and jazz!

Formed in Houston, TX in the early 60s, the group held court on the music scene from 1961-2014 in different incarnations. Its 6 members, Stix Hooper, Larry Carlton, Robert Popwell, Wayne Henderson, Joe Sample and Wilton Felder started as the Jazz Crusaders. The band disbanded off and on and finally broke up with the deaths of Henderson and Sample last year within months of each other. Wilton Felder died on September 27th of this year, The remaining members have gone their separate ways.So unless the group reconstitutes in some other form (like "Sons of the Crusaders"), we will not be hearing any more performances unless you got them on vinyl or CD or iTunes.

But do give them a listen. They were/are good.


  1. I love these posts. Don't know the Crusaders. Will have to check them out.

    1. You won't be disappointed if you check them out. I love Old Skool" music as it is the soundtrack of my life. Oh, and thanks for stopping by!