Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The following is a PG-rated, calm-before-the-storm snippet from my latest book in my FELIG CHRONICLES series. GAMBIT shows Nate and Tina trying to get a long needed rest after an intense year of fighting an alien invasion, and taking their relationship off the front page of every news paper and online blog. And trying to get Nate's mother in their corner. It also follows how their thinking is wishful at best as the Felig has other plans and Nate's mother is a tad unhappy that Tina is not...Jewish.


“We’re taking the summer off! The show will not be on the road.”

Grumbles went through the clubhouse’s assembled.

Larry, a crew member, raised his hand and asked, “Does that mean we’ll be laid off?”

“No, Larry, it does not,” Nate replied. “I’ll need you guys. You’ll have jobs. I did the math. With Wiley Devilbiss’s generosity, I’ll still be able to cut checks. Everyone can take their scheduled vacations. The sole change is I’ll be around. That’s unusual for this time of year.”

“What about Avner?” Larry continued.

“He’s taking advantage of the break to visit his family. He’s earned the rest. He’ll speak to you before he leaves. Carlo will be in charge. Report to him starting the day after Father’s Day. Anything else?”

“Tina’s good?” Tim, a new member, asked. “We missed her.”

The question brought a smile to Nate’s lips. “She’s excellent as always. She’s been through a lot and is still getting her bearings and will come over to say hello soon. You may bump into her before then. I’ll tell her you asked about her. More questions?”

Tim piped up again. “Excuse me, Mister Lowe. I’m new and didn’t go on the rescue mission. Was it as hairy as I’ve heard others say?”

“Unnervingly so. Being in close quarters with Felig is always dangerous. I’ve never gotten accustomed to it. Nor would I want to. You may find out on your own one day. Stay alert.” Bright eyed and hopeful, Nate repeated, “Anything else?” He encountered silence. “All right! Look forward to a blow-out of a pool party at summer’s end. I’ll keep you updated. See you around.” He left a room that erupted into several conversations. Outside, he strode the path near the firing range and met Tina coming out of the building.

“Hey, twinkle toes! I hear a male revue somewhere needs a dancer.” Tina greeted him with a hug. Nate returned her action, which swiftly morphed into a pat down. “

Where’s the vest I told you to wear?” He frowned and added, “It’s for your safety.”

“Nate, I’m strapped. That’s enough. It’s too much for me to wear that thing. The vest is only good for body shots. What if some ass is aiming for my head? Fat lot of good a vest would do. When they make one I can wrap around my head, I’ll consider wearing both around here. The thing is uncomfortable, bulky, and flattens out the little I have.”

“I don’t get it. You’re more worried about looking like you’re boosting and thrusting than being safe?”

“It’s a woman thing. Besides, all the vests and guns couldn’t stop the Lord Advisor from busting his way into our house and taking what he wanted.”

“Wearing it will give you a fighting chance against the human assholes.”

“You say that, and all I can see is you in a pool of blood after Paul Justus had his way with you. You were coming out of the damned shower, and that prick knifed you! He was already in the house. You can’t wear a bullet-proof or knife-proof vest while bathing. Have faith. Live for now, like you always tell me.”

“My own freakin’ words coming back to haunt me,” Nate said.

“Boo!” Tina paused to run her thumb over the spot of hair under his lip. “I’m with your mom on this. Don’t get me wrong. It looks hot, but it also looks like you’re trying to grow something or forgot to shave something off.”

“Knocking my grooming skills?” Nate grinned. He took her by the hand and stood perusing the blooming shrubbery and budding trees. In the distance he spied some rabbits scurrying around low brush and what appeared to be a pair of deer roaming a far corner of his spread. He pulled Tina closer and mouthed Thank you into the lush void.

“Nate? Nate? Tina gazed up at him. She snapped fingers in front of his face. “You in there?”

Feeling overwhelmed, he re-focused on her and could only nod in the affirmative. Nate repositioned one of his arms around her shoulder, relieved her of her duffle and tossed it over one of his shoulders.

Tina slipped an arm around his hips, hooking a thumb in one of his jeans belt loops. Side by side, they meandered down a side path that led to the farmhouse back door. She stopped, pressed Nate to her fiercely and whispered “I’m really home, aren’t I?”

“You are. You are."

Tina gave him a contented smile. “You know, I feel summer is gonna be wonderful.”

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