Friday, April 1, 2016


This installment of my Sci-fi series has taken FOREVER to get here. And its release date is appropriate. It's out today at my publisher, eXtasy Books and goes wide in a week at other e-retailers!!

I believe this is the best book in this saga so far. But that's just my hubris talking, and if I don't toot my own freakin' horn...Who will?

Yes, the quips and the barbs fly and that's just the aliens. Nate and Tina go at it too with a healthy dollop of Tina's mother, the deceased Miz Mattie chiming in. No, it's not all shits and giggles. Those Felig, who have regrouped under a new brand, are still the death of the party and still want Nate and Tina dead. Except now that desire extends to ALL who frequent the couple's stronghold. And now a certain status of human. Venture out at you own risk, people. Fold in too many people living at the compound with aliens who don't know when to quit and who have no notion of the concept, a rich kid rebel, a dethroned Felig leader who joins forces with Nate and Tina to bring down his former buddies, and two budding romances in the midst of chaos....Yeah, that's a day in the life of those living in a FELIG CHRONICLES era
When the stakes are high and lives are in the balance, it comes down to knowing when to risk it all to win the game.

 For our Felig-battling couple, Tina and Nate, the fight is far from over. After they learn that the Felig invaders, now under a new more ruthless leadership, have concocted yet another, harsher future for Earth, the pair and their crew jump into action. The lovers, together with their friend, the wealthy society rebel Wiley Devilbiss, and the disgraced, dethroned former Felig leader, Lord Advisor Leltin, will have to forge a peculiar alliance fueled by revenge and gamesmanship to outwit the indefatigable Felig.

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