Thursday, July 7, 2016

For your listening pleasure...

Two of the smoothest crooners have new music out. Finally. I have waited soooooooo long for MAXWELL to put out another album (ALBUM? Oh well. That dates me but so what? In 20 years, another generation will laugh at STREAMING). Anyhoo, his newest, blackSUMMERS’night was worth the wait. It was released (dropped?) July 1st. Gorgeous summer music from a gorgeous man with a gorgeous soul. Loved him since “URBAN HANG SUITE.” AAAh!

The next one is WILL DOWNING. On par with the late LUTHER VANDROSS. But seriously, it’s not fair to Mr. Downing. He has his own style and sound. Silky, dreamy, smooth. Like a Werther’s caramel. His latest comes Friday July 8th and is titled BLACK PEARLS. It’s tribute to black female R-n-B singers that he admires. Some selections include covers of songs sung by Deniece Williams, Angela Winbush, Brenda Russell, Phyllis Hyman, etc. I’m in. I heard his take on Ms. Hyman’s “MEET ME ON THE MOON’ and I’m smitten. Anyone who knows me, knows I adored that  lady’s voice and he does the song justice.

So, if you are looking for some smooth sounds for summer or just love “OLD SCHOOL” style, give these offerings a try.