Thursday, July 14, 2016

STILL STAR CROSSED - Another show with a black, female main character. Will she be given the shaft like Abby Mills of "Sleepy Hollow?"

Appears Miz Shonda is doin' it again. Her newest offering on ABC TV will be a series called Still Star Crossed. Adapted from the book of the same name, it is being touted as a re-do of  Romeo and Juliet with a black heroine. Should have the purists sweatin,' and folks who haven't cracked a book in years, reading. Don't know all the specifics. All I can ask is, please don't let this be dysfunctional Fitz, Jake and Liv in old clothes.

It's set for Fall on ABC


  1. I hope this turns out better than the Sleepy Hollow debacle. I only got to see it on DVD and stopped Season Two when ALL the non-white cast was sideline or written out.

  2. I know "Sleepy Hollow" became the Crane Family Hour. Totally was disappointed when Abby was "sacrificed."